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Where medical advancements, patient care, and policy analysis are shepherded through the unique complexities healthcare systems must address, smart data and technology solutions ease processes and improve outcomes. Patients receive more efficient, tailored care from professionals who have the technological support, processes, and data-driven insights they need to do their finest work.

Since our earliest days, we’ve been helping healthcare clients address their toughest challenges with advanced data analytics, proactive IT management, meticulous project management, and cybersecurity. Our experts adeptly navigate the healthcare landscape to provide digital transformation that makes meaningful work happen effectively and efficiently—without disrupting service delivery or patient care.

We’re proud to help organizations thrive, and we’d love to tell you more.

We’re proud to help organizations thrive, and we’d love to tell you more.

Healthcare Consulting Services

Healthcare is a rapidly changing, complicated industry that demands innovative, forward-thinking solutions. We help healthcare organizations serve their patients, optimize their operations, and keep their patient data safe and secure. We’ve helped healthcare organizations with:

For healthcare organizations to stay secure, efficient, and compliant in this evolving industry, they need a strong technology strategy customized specifically for their needs. Data management, collaboration and productivity tools, integrated applications, and the ability to scale implementations, while at the same time keeping patient data secure are just some of the myriad considerations that need to be considered.

Technology Solutions

Healthcare organizations collect and store massive amounts of data; knowing how to utilize and take advantage of this data is key to optimizing efficiency, identifying trends, and predicting outcomes. We specialize in connecting, securing, and linking data to help providers provide better care for patients.

Data Analytics Solutions

Dealing with patient data, legacy systems, and outmoded processes can make it difficult to know how to begin a healthcare digital transformation. We’ll help you chart a path towards your desired end-state and offer the support you need to move your people forward.

Digital Transformation Solutions

We're proud to help our clients thrive.

Client Stories

We collaborate with our clients to help them find solutions to their toughest challenges.

Infant Mortality

Working with the state of Indiana to reduce infant mortality, we helped home in on the highest-risk populations through joint analysis of disparate datasets to provide social context for this pervasive health problem, resulting in tailored programs and services that helped reduce infant mortality.

Eye Surgeons of Indiana (ESI)

Operating in a highly specialized medical field and caring for more than 150 patients per day in their main office alone, ESI had increasingly intense technology needs even before government regulations necessitated a shift to electronic medical record-keeping. When that change occurred, ESI recognized that it needed more IT expertise than it had on staff.

Ephraim McDowell Health System

A comprehensive, integrated healthcare delivery entity, Ephraim McDowell Health System supports three community hospitals with cross-functional IT solutions for 2,000+ users. It called on Resultant to find a way forward to a cloud-based solution that met its security and compliance requirements.

Pandemic Nutrition Assistance

As the coronavirus impacted nearly every facet of lives and livelihoods, food insecurity in America surged in 2020, doubling pre-pandemic rates. Indiana Family and Social Services Administration needed a flexible, secure system to help school districts deliver much-needed assistance.

The Milk Bank

With delicate donations to accommodate and dwindling space, The Milk Bank enlisted Resultant to ensure that its move to a new location included no technology surprises—and no loss of donated milk.

Opioid Epidemic

By designing and running a small pilot program, Resultant helped the state of Ohio combat its opioid epidemic with a streamlined approach to collecting data that helped combat doctor shopping and identify high-volume prescribers. The result? 325 million fewer opioid doses prescribed annually.

Probabilistic Record Linkage

As datasets, organizations, or connectivity grow, so do the challenges of maintaining accurate, complete information that links records despite data entry issues like typos, transpositions, and missing information. Our record linkage process assures healthcare systems match records even where PII misaligns.

Social Determinants of Health

Addressing health issues often requires looking at the fuller picture of factors affecting health. We worked with a major health system client to find great insight into reducing infant mortality and congestive heart failure by collecting and analyzing data from a broader vantage point.

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