The Transformative Role of Conversational AI Data in Healthcare

In the latest episode of Data Driven Leadership, I spoke with Authenticx Chief Evangelist Leslie Pagel about how companies can use conversational AI data to revolutionize their business.

Authenticx is a listening company, helping healthcare companies leverage conversations—whether between human beings or with a bot thrown into the mix—and mine them for rich contextual insights that any part of the organization can use to help customers influence business decision-making.

Conversational AI creates quantitative, structured data

“Conversations, by nature, are unstructured,” says Leslie. She first helps organizations understand that conversations they already have stored are valuable assets and next, that without the right tools, transformative insights from them remain inaccessible.

By analyzing conversations at scale, AI models identify trends, quantify emotions, and provide context that traditional survey methods often fail to capture. Authenticx even has a tool called the Eddy Effect that can identify friction in a conversation so humans can dig deeper into the why behind that discomfort.

This new data, now presented in quantitative form, helps healthcare leaders make informed decisions and take proactive measures. Providers can enhance their performance by employing AI-powered coaching, resulting in improved patient experiences and outcomes.

Data-backed storytelling

As humans are primarily guided by emotions, Leslie advocates for using data-backed storytelling to translate customer experiences and emotions to audiences effectively. With this approach, providers and administrators can create meaningful connections with their patients, activate the data, and drive meaningful action.

Leslie shared that using data-backed storytelling often makes people who aren’t on the front lines of patient interaction (and complaints) suddenly see situations from a whole different perspective. I asked if this was a little like forced empathy, and it kind of is—all for a good purpose.

Insights gleaned from conversational AI data allow the inclusion of the voices of clients and patients in healthcare strategy sessions and planning. Giving them a seat at the table, so to speak, lets everyone advocate for the clients’ or patients’ interests and ensure their needs are met, ultimately leading to improved healthcare solutions.

Let’s revolutionize healthcare

There’s tremendous potential for conversational AI data to drive very different positive outcomes for patients in healthcare. By incorporating conversational data into their decision-making processes, healthcare leaders can better understand their customers and activate data-driven insights. Add that to data-backed storytelling and this technology can totally transform the healthcare space.

Leslie’s one of my favorite follows on LinkedIn and it was a real eye-opening pleasure to have her on the podcast. Click here for more of the conversation.

Click here for more of the conversation



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