Data Governance: A Necessity in Texas

Data governance helps organizations in Dallas, Houston, and across the nation achieve goals in efficiency and compliance.

SMB Data Governance, Designed by Data Scientists

With a solid data governance framework in place, data security is bolstered and organizations increase data trust. But data governance can seem intimidating if you’re not a data scientist.

Data governance allows for the proper functioning of central organizational units and accelerates delivery initiatives, especially for any organization that must adhere to specific regulations. Poor adherence to data governance can result in market share loss, severely diminishing an organization's competitiveness in the marketplace.

Resultant’s data scientists help your organization stay competitive and successful through meticulous data governance. We bind governance to the ecosystem of digital risk management, leading with a Govern by Design approach.

Data Governance Issues to Address

Many organizations struggle with the data governance programs they've implemented because they fail to adapt to keep the organization fully compliant. Remediating audit findings is essential. The most prominent setback organizations face is not realizing the value of their data governance program.

A proper data governance framework reduces the workload required by data privacy and cybersecurity teams. Security controls regarding information and privacy are essential, and data governance provides not just efficiency of data management and processing but secure data trust.

Resultant’s data governance services provide complete customization to ensure that your organization achieves a transformative solution.

Resultant's Data Governance Services

Focus on the data governance solutions that produce the most significant value for your organization. Resultant works with you toward a data governance framework that seamlessly integrates into your organization.

Govern by Design

Resultant's Govern by Design governance approach begins with the deployment of a team of professionals with a deep knowledge of the industry to help your organization to build your most appropriate data governance framework. The program begins with a Design Thinking whiteboarding session to brainstorm and begin establishing a blueprint that will set up your organization for success.

Data Governance Assistance

The first two to four weeks of a Resultant data governance program implementation consists of foundation building. Our team of professionals assesses your current state and offers customized recommendations for maximum impact. A customized roadmap guides your path to data valuation and monetization in line with your business strategy.

To support and accelerate innovation and digital transformation, our team will work to develop a robust data governance framework to address risk, compliance, security, and privacy. If appropriate, your roadmap will address legal and contractual obligations and strengthen vendor and procurement management practices. From this point, in-depth data governance assistance may be implemented to ensure the program stays up and running.

Creation and Deployment of the Data Governance Plan

An effective data governance program should go beyond data management. Our Govern by Design program increases your data maturity and ensures your team has the skills they need to integrate your data governance plan and fulfill obligations in regulations, data subject rights, and various privacy laws.

Data Scientists on Demand

With the demand for data scientists increasing, it can be a financial burden to hire them as full-time employees. Resultant offers data scientists on demand. Whether you require a data scientist to get your program started, to supplement your current team of data scientists to catch up on project backlog or need to add another level of expertise, our data scientists are here to jump in and provide the required aid.

Resultant's data scientist on-demand approach allows our data scientists to parachute in to provide guidance, kick off an initiative, or tackle extensive backlogs. Our data scientists have a high level of expertise and credentials with the platforms and tools that can streamline processes. By streamlining and automating processes, your organization's time to value can significantly improve.

Data Governance and Data Science Coalition

At Resultant, we know that without an evolved analytics program, organizations won't be able to compete with those able to predict and influence outcomes through advanced analytics. We offer our data scientist on-demand approach alongside our data governance program development and implementation.

Data science enables you to discover, test, unlock new insights, and advance a deeper understanding of a problem or question. It can help your organization maintain a competitive edge. Our experts make developing and implementing data science solutions easier by finding the right strategy, technology, and services. Our team can offer a faster, less costly solution that allows for more profound insight from your data.


Getting started with a data science solution begins with understanding and addressing problems and questions. Through our predictive analytics readiness assessment, we can gain an understanding of the challenges you are facing, as well as the data you have and need.

We can also determine which predictive model may be best for your organization and the best way to integrate the model into your environment using the best tools and software platforms to achieve the most effective results.

Predictive Analytics

Our predictive analytics process starts with your data and builds models that can help predict outcomes of several variables. With hundreds of model frameworks within the industry today, choosing a suitable predictive model will aid in a successful data science program.

Our data scientists can help streamline the design, building, feature engineering, and model validation process. Our team will ensure the models are deployed effectively to avoid influencing business behavior.

AI & Machine Learning

Through our expertise and leadership, as well as the right automation software and well-curated strategy, our team can help design and implement a successful AI and machine learning solution. These solutions to automate the learning process can offer your organization deeper insights and strong ROI.

Resultant offers top expertise from strategy to implementation to ensure your data governance program is efficient and effective.

Getting Started

When your organization has a solid data governance framework in place, you're able to reduce the workload of your data privacy and cybersecurity teams. Our team of compassionate and dedicated experts will work with you to create a more efficient governance strategy, meeting you right where you're at. Contact us to meet with a Dallas representative who understands your needs and can design a custom solution to meet your goals.

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