No-Code Data Science: Tested & Trusted for Dallas

No-code data science allows for better insight at a faster rate to ensure organizations across Texas stay ahead of the curve.

The Best in Texas: Unified Analytics, Data Science, and Automation Processes

Through a specialized APA platform, Resultant unifies analytics, data science, and the automation process into one digital machine. It’s an end-to-end platform developed to accelerate digital transformation and improve the skills of the modern workforce faster and more efficiently. A no-code approach allows more people to understand and benefit from the insights honed from applied data science and analytics.

The Alteryx APA Platform provides hundreds of automation building blocks for data preparation and blending, diagnostic and predictive analytics, autoML, and no-code data science. No specialized skills are needed when using the Alteryx APA Platform. It automates analytics and data science pipelines, manages complex data-centric business processes, and delivers actionable insights to stakeholders in every line of business.

The Difference Between No-code and Low-Code Data Tools

At Resultant, we know not everyone is a data scientist. The science of data can be hard to grasp, but everyone could benefit from being able to gather and understand insights to better their organization.

No-code data science is made for non-professional developers. Low-code data science, on the other hand, refers to those tools that support scripting capabilities beyond a no-code approach. No-code data science and analytics can be part of Resultant's approach to data science and the automation process.

The Benefits of a No-code Approach

It can be hard to keep up in an ever-changing world of technology. Data scientists have extensive knowledge, but even they may be unable to keep up with all the new languages and programs constantly coming in demand. A no-code approach to data science and analytics makes things easier for everyone.

One of the main benefits of a no-code approach to data science is accessibility. With no-code platforms, data technology becomes more available and accessible to businesses of all kinds.

These platforms are valuable to data scientists and can be used by both experts in the application and by those who don't have much programming knowledge. Not having to rely on application experts enables organizations to save the cost of hiring a developer and speeds up development time.

Key Products of the Alteryx Platform

The Alteryx platform consists of four essential products that work together to put automation in the hands of all data workers. Through this platform, organizations everywhere can work more efficiently to deliver quick wins and high-impact business outcomes.


Alteryx Designer streamlines data preparation, data blending, and predictive, statistical, and spatial analytics. Delivering a repeatable workflow, it leads to deeper insights in a shorter period of time.


Get self-service data analytics without disrupting internal IT. Alteryx Server enables organizations to avoid business interruptions and potential security issues, which can be expensive in terms of both money and reputation.

The server is dependable and offers advanced administration options 24/7, allowing data-intensive analytics to be deployed throughout your organization faster and more efficiently. You can also integrate other internal and external applications with built-in APIs and macros for additional extensibility.


Alteryx Connect provides a better way to discover and organize information. Using Connect’s powerful search capabilities, your organization can more easily find, manage, understand, and collaborate on analytics information.


More predictive models can be deployed faster by eliminating the need to recode models for application consumption in real time. Promote enables data scientists to deploy their custom R and Python models as-is while citizen data scientists deploy advanced no-code analytics. This offers flexibility and reliability, enabling you to advance your analytics to the next level.

Resultant’s Approach to Data and Analytics

Data and analytics hold the power to highlight priorities for improvement, uncover growth opportunities, and improve decision-making.

Our data experts meet your organization where it is, whether you need to create a robust data strategy, implement solutions to add value as quickly as possible, or somewhere in between. Our team approaches each organization as a unique operation to ensure we provide exactly what is needed to resolve your organization’s individual data challenges.

Turn Your Data Into Value

Resultant's data analytics services range from assessment to strategy and solutions. We work with you to ensure your data analytics systems are robust enough to scale with you. Data holds no value for your organization until it begins serving you. A proper data analytics strategy aids in saving time and money and enhancing customer experience. Data managed services help reach and maintain the date maturity level where your organization will thrive.

When you work with Resultant, you're working with a partner who has your business goals in mind. We take a deep dive into your your data and analytics capabilities through a strategic data assessment and then work with you to create and implement your roadmap.

Using the Alteryx APA Platform through Resultant allows for quicker and easier implementation. Through the essential products Designer, Server, Connect, and Promote, you find actionable insights faster to stay ahead of competitors.

Getting Started

When data science is at your fingertips without the need for complex code, you and your employees are able to automate your data pipelines and gain better insight, faster. At Resultant, we have teams ready to help get you there. Contact us to meet with a Dallas representative who understands your needs and can design a custom solution to meet your growth goals.

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