Secure Data Recovery Services For Texas SMBs

Resultant designs proactive solutions to mitigate future risks. Calmly and effectively recover sensitive business data after attacks or unexpected events.

Enterprise Data Recovery: Secure Cybersecurity Services and Solutions

An organization's data systems are working at all hours, leaving open the possibility of data loss at any time. There are numerous ways to prevent data loss or a cybersecurity attack, but with ever-evolving threats, sometimes one breaks through. If you’ve been attacked, we’re here to help.

After a cyberattack, you need enterprise-wide data recovery, with services offering both proactive and reactive solutions. Resultant offers fortified cybersecurity services and solutions to ensure exceptional security for your organization with processes in place if something happens to your systems or data.


Turn to Resultant for Trusted Data Recovery and Privacy

At Resultant, our team understands how distressing data system cybersecurity can be, especially when something goes wrong. Resultant offers cybersecurity services and solutions to help prevent the distress of losing data. Our services and solutions work to significantly reduce the possibility of data loss—after all, the goal is to prevent the need for data recovery at all. But if the unimaginable occurs, our data recovery services get you back up fast.

When it comes to data recovery, our team gets to work to discover and fix the problem, working to recover data as quickly as possible. We know minimizing the time to get your systems back in shape is vital to any business. Our team of professionals ensures that unexpected events are handled calmly and effectively so that resolving the situation is as smooth as possible.

Proactive Design: The Role Data Governance Plays in Data Recovery

Data governance's main role is to monitor and control the health and access of the data that travels through your organization's systems. From capture and acquisition to archival and disposal, data governance assists in the maintenance and health of the valuation score of your business' data sets. Organizations can have a more defensible position regarding data recovery through data governance.

Through Resultant's Govern by Design approach, organizations can maintain compliance as well as address enterprise and vendor risk management, identify various issues, and offer remediation from several angles. Data governance comes down to the protection it offers, so if something were to occur, the data recovery process isn't halted due to issues or systems that were left unchecked.

Data governance also functions as a strong, supportive layer when preventing ransomware's effects from spreading. Data governance meets the needs of data recovery, business continuity planning, records management, and a retention schedule. Frequently, a ransomware attack accesses files that are no longer needed and should have been eliminated already as part of the scheduled data lifecycle. Data governance implements and enforces guidelines that ensure only essential data is kept, reducing the risk of ransomware attacks.

Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Tests

Vulnerability assessments and penetration tests are two different, proactive services offered by Resultant. The security of your infrastructure, endpoints, and IT assets are evaluated through our vulnerability assessment, whereas a penetration test simulates the actions of an internal or external attacker attempting to breach data.

Along with higher security, there is a lowered risk of data loss based on insights into system weaknesses. We use this information when recommending appropriate remediation procedures.


As data and system security threats constantly evolve and are ever-changing, your cybersecurity capabilities need to also adapt to these technological developments so your systems stay safe. The proper security infrastructure and management practices can work to ensure that an attack does not occur, which means data recovery services won’t be necessary. A large part of security is protecting your data in advance, ensuring it doesn’t need to be recovered.

When to Seek Data Recovery

Regardless, if you're faced with a hard drive failure or a cybersecurity attack, you may feel you should try to recover the data yourself. And trust us, we understand why (we’re a data company, remember?). However, attempting to recover your data without professional help could lead to an even more alarming situation. Storage devices can easily be damaged and files can be overwritten by accident, thus making retrieval much more difficult.

Our team at Resultant understands the importance of data, which is why we recommend turning to professionals regarding data recovery. Whether there was a RAID collapse, drive failure, or server corruption, it will always be a better option for you to seek data recovery services from the experts.

Regardless of the situation your organization is in, we’re ready to help quickly and effectively. Contact our team immediately if you need assistance recovering your data and designing a more secure system.

Getting Started

Resultant is committed to data recovery privacy. We’re a data company. We know firsthand the importance data serves in every organization and all the permutations of its highly sensitive and confidential nature.

Rest easy knowing your data is safe in our hands while we work to recover it. We know privacy is a major concern with your clients and customers and we’re well-versed in all the ever-changing compliance regulations. We’ve got your back.

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