Ken Kritz

Ken Kritz

SVP, Private Sector

Ken Kritz joined Resultant in 2024, bringing to the table nearly three decades of multifaceted experience in the tech industry. At Resultant, as the Senior Vice President of the Private Sector, Ken’s leadership is synonymous with growth and innovation. With a background rich in diversity, including pivotal roles in consulting, sales, and strategic management, Ken’s perspective is both holistic and insightful.
In his role, Ken focuses on strengthening Resultant’s Private Sector by championing a culture that emphasizes sales growth and strategic market positioning. He aims to leverage his extensive background to foster a blend of stability and creativity, drawing on best practices from his experience with leading organizations like IBM and Slalom.

Ken’s approach is deeply rooted in understanding the “why” behind client needs, a philosophy that aligns perfectly with Resultant’s values. His methods are geared towards driving tangible outcomes, underscoring a commitment to not just meeting, but exceeding client expectations.

At Resultant, Ken Kritz stands out not only as a strategic leader but also as an innovator committed to leveraging technology for genuine, impactful change.

Quick Facts

  • Entrepreneurship Program, Southern Methodist University Cox School of Business
  • Generative AI for Business Strategy Program, MIT
  • Member of the Innovation Task Force for the Dallas Chamber of Commerce

Favorite Resultant Value

  • Outcomes Focus