Gary Valencerina

Gary Valencerina

Senior Consultant

Gary Valencerina has always been fascinated with data and how properly managed data can help an organization realize its potential. He has over 20 years’ experience in business intelligence and currently serves as a data architect, specializing in unifying disparate systems into a homogeneous atomic data warehouse. He’s also a Matillion ETL expert.

Gary was a consultant for IBM Industry Models, designing and implementing data warehousing models and projects in various industries (financial, retail, oil and gas, telco, healthcare, higher education) worldwide.

In 2022, Gary was awarded Teknion’s Integral Award (Teknion is now part of Resultant). This award is given to a member of the team who was integral to the success of the organization by bringing in numerous projects.

Gary was a structural engineer before joining the world of business intelligence. He’s a passionate traveler—having been to over 50 countries—and is looking forward to exploring more places.

Quick Facts

  • Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering, Saint Louis University

Favorite Resultant Value

  • Outcomes Focus