So You’re a Technology Leader Outsourcing IT

In many organizations, outsourcing is regarded as a last resort—something you turn to when you’ve run out of time, capacity, or people. But effective technology leaders know that outsourcing can actually be an excellent strategic tool, one that removes day-to-day maintenance concerns and frees your internal team to focus on big-picture initiatives. 

Making outsourced IT work as an enhancement to your own team takes some planning and foresight. Here are some great reasons why it’s worth the effort.  

1. Outsourced IT Keeps Your Team’s Focus Where It Should Be 

One of the keys to building a great team is giving your people the time and space they need to be most effective. And part of the reason your team exists in the first place is to serve those critical, core business functions necessary to daily operations. 

As you’re probably all too aware, technology is rife with fire drills: those small, urgent tasks that pop up out of nowhere and send your team scrambling. Wouldn’t it be better if you had additional resources to handle those distractions so your team could stay focused on their most important work? 

That’s the benefit of outsourced IT. By having that extra help constantly available, you can still quickly address those fire drills without interrupting your people. Your organization still gets the assistance they need, and your team can do their best work. 

2. You Can Be Much More Agile with Outsourced IT 

Technology is great. No sooner does a problem arise than someone comes up with a brilliant solution—or a whole slew of ’em. But this constant churn of innovation isn’t wholly without drawbacks. It’s a lot to keep up with, and even a technology department invested in professional development can’t necessarily be versed in every possible platform and tool. 

Fortunately, your team doesn’t have to be. By strategically employing outsourced IT, you can rely on the expertise of your partners to keep up with latest developments in technology. This enables your team to stay focused on the training and development most pertinent to their roles, and you won’t need to worry about developing blind spots. 

3. Outsourced IT Gives Your People a Chance to Shine 

People get nervous when they hear the word outsourcing. Since many companies treat it as a last resort, outsourcing is sometimes a sign that something’s gone wrong. Employees may worry that it’s the first step toward being replaced. 

But when outsourced IT is clearly communicated as part of a strategic plan, those fears dissipate. Rather than feeling threatened, your team will discover that outsourcing certain IT functions actually gives them more opportunity to shine. 

An expert managed services provider will work closely with you and your team to make sure you’re being supported. Not only will they bring relevant experience and impeccable expertise, they’ll take the time to get to know your teams, your organization, and your strategy—and align your technology to best support them. Understanding your people and your goals makes a provider a true partner, empowering you to do your best work.  

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