Is Your IT MSP Providing All You Need for Optimal Technology Health?

Working with a traditional IT managed services provider is kind of like going to a physician who treats the symptoms of your condition without figuring out what led to the condition or giving you a treatment plan to keep it from coming back: You get relief in the short term without actually improving your organization’s technology health and strategy.

A more effective solution comes from an IT managed services partner who brings all the expertise of a traditional model and then some. A partner who looks deeply into your business needs and goals and how your teams actually work. A partner who helps you prioritize and execute the technology projects that keep your organization moving forward, right where you want to go.

You can have all of that. Look for services like these to ensure you get it.

A virtual CIO improves strategy, agility, and efficiency

If you already have a proactive and effective CIO on staff, skip ahead. Many more businesses try to get by without one—and, fair enough, that’s not a small salary to add to the budget. There’s an in-between option that gets you access to the expertise your organization needs without the financial commitment. A virtual CIO brings not only the insight and experience you need but the objective viewpoint and broad perspective to more accurately identify potential issues.

Our team developed the cIOS methodology to ensure our virtual CIO service delivers not just a holistic technology strategy but the tools to implement it so that change is embraced—and a method for constantly re-evaluating and fine-tuning as your people, goals, or technology shift. As part of an overall outsourced technology approach, a virtual CIO is a proven way to ensure your technology and organizational strategies support each other as you drive toward your goals.

SaaS Ops cuts costs and protects data

An absolutely stunning amount of money is squandered each year on SaaS applications that go unused. In 2020 alone, estimates reach $40 billion in orphaned apps. Those apps raise a lot of security questions, as well, like which former employees still have access and what’s happening with the data that ends up funneling into them.

The problem is that these apps are proliferating quickly and are exceptionally easy for any employee to add to the mix without consulting your internal IT team. A SaaS Ops solution enables you to track downloads, understand which tools actually are being used and by whom, and keep your data secure.

Our solution provides detailed reporting that lets you identify what to cut, which apps bring overlapping services, and which introduce security threats. Your IT team is notified any time an app is downloaded, and we help you craft the policies that give you oversight to who’s accessing them. You get big savings fast and a safer way forward.

Expertise that enables technology customization

It’s a Microsoft business world, right? Except where it’s a Google world or a hybrid world or some brave new world. We partner with all of the premier providers so that our clients can have the solution that works best for them. That’s still rare in the IT MSP universe where identity and therefore solutions are linked to one single provider. It’s a real “we have a hammer, so everything looks like a nail” approach.

True customization requires more than partnerships, however. Our approach includes a spectrum of specialties so that our clients receive much more than basic tech support (although, naturally, we do that, too). We bring not just expertise in technology implementation and support but strategy, data, and digital transformation. Our change management experts ensure all of the moves that support your strategy happen successfully and are embraced by your teams.

The big picture of IT MSP is very different from where we’re standing. We’d be happy to show you what we see and what it can mean for your organization.



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