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The single greatest deterrent from recidivism is education. Google and Resultant have built a scalable, customizable learning management system that frees administrators from manual processes and uses Chromebooks to securely connect offenders to the programs and resources.

How We Help

Transform education programs and outcomes for offenders with Google and Resultant

Offenders face a much greater likelihood of recidivism when they lack the tools to reintegrate into society. Traditionally, the logistics and expense of building an effective education program have presented a daunting challenge for prisons. Our partnership with Google and our expertise in data analytics have the potential to change outcomes for the offender population.

Impact Story

Michigan DOC Facilitates Prison Education Through a Learning Management Solution Modernization

Use Case

Tackling Recidivism with a Prison Learning Management Platform

Learn more about how we’re working with Google and Michigan Department of Corrections to reduce recidivism and transform prison learning.

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What We Do

Corrections departments have unique challenges no other entities face.

While many government agencies struggle with legacy systems and software long past its sell-by date, these carry additional risk management concerns in prisons.

And while education is key to preventing recidivism, the collaborative features that make education solutions ideal in schools make them problematic for bringing education to prisoners.

Meanwhile, certifications, credentials, and program completions are largely paper based and easily lost or damaged upon release. Not only does that bog down employees in manual processes, but it further complicates employment, increasing the risk of recidivism.

We help corrections departments implement learning management systems to securely train inmates in the skills they need to get jobs upon release. Our award-winning data analytics solutions help target programs to the populations where they will do the most good, helping get the most ROI from the cost of prison education programs. And our database management and cybersecurity solutions go beyond industry standards, bringing insight and peace of mind.

Award-Winning Results, Year after Year

Google Industry Solution Services Partner of the Year for Government

Our work with corrections facilities learning management platforms in Ohio, Michigan, Colorado, and Idaho and with Colorado’s Statewide Integrated Health Network earned us the honor of the 2024 Google Industry Solution Services Partner of the Year Award for Government—our third Google Partner of the Year award so far. Learn how we can help your agency make a real difference.

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The Solution

Replace manual processes and bring greater engagement with the first secure, scalable, cloud-based education solution for prisons.  

Our partnership with Google has produced an entirely innovative approach to prison education:

  • Experienced technology, education, and Google-certified specialists work with you toward a customized solution.
  • Platform is highly secure, using best-in-practice security protocols that can be leveraged in other states.
  • Chromebooks deliver cost-effective, secure access.
  • Adaptable content library and instruction expands access and is ADA compliant and ESOL-ready.
  • Digitized progress and participation journey brings visibility to administrations and post-release digital record access to offenders.
  • Our team builds and delivers a tailored training program for your staff and instructors, empowering them to create, deliver, grade, and retain their own customized course material.

The MDOC is proud of the progress we have made in providing those incarcerated with innovative programming to further their success. This partnership with Resultant and Google is a transformative investment that puts Michigan at the forefront of correctional education technology.

Heidi Washington

Director,   Michigan Department of Corrections

Go Further

Reduce recidivism by matching learning opportunities with risk.

Prison education programs become most effective through advanced data analytics. Our proprietary recidivism risk indicator tool helps states understand which subgroups of offenders are most likely to recidivate and which programs will reduce their risk of returning to prison.

Using data aggregated from several state agencies, leaders can optimize funding by matching specific offender characteristics to the educational programming most likely to impact their lives and keep them from returning to prison.

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Meet your team

Sindhu Adini

VP, Google Business Unit

Director, Google Services

ben wories

Director, Strategy and Outcomes

Director, Google Implementation Services


Talk with a specialist about the potential for your prison education program.

Education in prison removes obstacles to reintegration.

Keeping people out of prison isn’t as simple as saying “follow the law.” Myriad environmental and social factors contribute to criminal activity, And once someone has been incarcerated, their chances of staying out of prison decrease even further. When someone is released from prison, they face discrimination and can even experience civil rights violations.

Education helps keep people out of prison. Education in prison keeps people from returning to prison.

Education qualifies inmates for job and career opportunities, leading to better-paying employment. And when a citizen released from prison has good employment, issues like homelessness and hunger or food insecurity don’t become driving forces in their behavior.

Education empowers people to take command of their own quality of life, taking responsibility for their own mental health, physical health, and overall wellness. It facilitates technology adoption, an essential part of society today that could very well be missing in the life of a person who’s been in prison without access to basic standards like email.

Online training has become the norm, especially since the pandemic. Secure training solutions for prison education programs help prisoners reap the benefits of education including advanced degrees, leadership skills, and life planning skills.

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