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Cybersecurity consulting

As long as data exists, so will threats to security. They grow and evolve constantly, requiring vigilant attention. Organizations can’t live up to their potential without powerful security infrastructure and management practices. The Resultant cybersecurity consulting team works with you toward your most secure future.

We help you focus on your goals by providing comprehensive cyber threat mitigation strategies and solutions for your IT environment and organization. We build systems that reduce risk, find structural vulnerabilities that could derail your progress, support compliance efforts, and train your people to recognize threats. Your organization’s data becomes safer—and you become freer to focus on growing your business.

Cybersecurity consulting

We’re proud to help organizations thrive, and we’d love to tell you more.

We’re proud to help organizations thrive, and we’d love to tell you more.

Our Approach

Ensuring a secure environment is about protecting your data, arming your team with appropriate tools, and staying ahead of ever-evolving threats. Our team embeds cybersecurity in the technical solutions we provide to our clients and continually evaluates the landscape to ensure that vulnerabilities aren’t developing as the landscape changes.

For any cybersecurity service, we begin by assessing your current vulnerabilities. Through this investigation, our security experts produce a technical report that ranks vulnerabilities, from which we provide recommendations for remediation linked to your business objectives. We collaborate closely with clients so that we’re well-equipped to integrate their business strategy into their cybersecurity solution for protection that aligns with how you work and where you’re going.

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Our forward-thinking, thorough approach to cybersecurity is backed by incomparable technical knowledge and deep experience. Our Cybersecurity team helps clients remediate data breaches, recover data, and build new solutions to protect against future threats.

When a data breach happens, our team jumps in to recover and secure data and systems so that you’re back to normal operations quickly—and more securely, with a plan to eliminate system vulnerabilities.

Your security starts with strategy and depends on infrastructure. Our experts design formidable network and architecture security solutions that thwart cyberattacks to keep your business on track.

Maintaining compliance demands a multipronged approach that uncovers enterprise and vendor risk management. We address issue identification and remediation from all relevant angles. Our team will work with you to develop policies, including acceptable use, visitor retention, and an incident response plan, to protect your systems and improve your teams’ security posture.

Even “business as usual” becomes impossible when hackers strike. Learn whether you’re equipped to detect and deflect an attack through a vulnerability assessment to identify and remediate vulnerabilities.

Throughout its lifecycle, data can be corrupted or accessed at myriad points. Managing and governing data from creation to destruction requires a targeted approach that secures your critical infrastructure and network.

Your employees are your final line of defense against cyberattacks, which makes training them essential. Our training program equips end users to identify and avert the latest threats within your industry.

“Our team is very proactive. They are always suggesting ways to protect our computer security. They always explain things in a way we can understand and are very responsive. We are very happy with our service!”

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