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Put your IT reliability and security worries to rest with a dedicated, right-sized team on call for your technology needs.

How We Help

IT Helpdesk services keep your business moving forward.

Organizations come to us when their internal resources are fully occupied with damage control rather than focusing on strategic projects. They come to us when they’ve outsourced services with a provider who may understand technology but not their business. And they come to us when they’ve grown to a level that surpasses their ability to support IT internally.

Outsourcing IT Helpdesk services can provide employees with the answers and solutions they need while freeing team members to dedicate themselves to critical projects and keep your organization thriving.

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18 minute
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Clients We Serve

We’re proud to help organizations thrive, and we’d love to tell you more.

What We Do

We’re a different kind of managed services partner.

Not only do Resultant technology experts bring unrivaled knowledge to your IT support issues, they represent just one part of a team—made up of data scientists, app developers, systems engineers, and subject matter experts in your industry—ready to collaborate toward the best solution for your business.

Our detailed questions, careful listening, and years of experience give us a deep understanding of your needs, goals, and issues so we can engineer helpdesk solutions to support your people, processes, and progress.

Resultant's outsourced IT helpdesk teams respond to support tickets 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year—usually in less than five minutes. You get an individual support number unique to your organization so you work with the same small, dedicated team every time you call.

On-Call Resolution

On-call experts serve your business as your own IT support staff but without the cost of internal hires. You get efficient, skilled assistance—through phone, email, chat, or our website—from an IT specialist who either solves your problem on the spot or works with a team to resolve it.

Your organization keeps progressing rather than dealing with expensive downtime because of security issues, password resets, or problems with email, software, or cloud services.

Ticket-Level and Organizational Insights

Resultant’s IT helpdesk service gives you frontline defense against technology issues in one easy resource. Through our on-demand scheduling tool, anyone can schedule time with a specialist to get detailed, in-depth expertise.

We also show you trends in support tickets so you have data to help your organization spend technology dollars on projects with the greatest return on investment. We’ll detail the improvements made and where your organization can find greater efficiencies.

One thing I’ve always appreciated about the Resultant team is their patience and willingness to create different strategic solutions—to find the one that will work the best for us. And quite frankly, sometimes I think the Resultant team knows our business a little bit better than we do.

Gordon Flick

Controller,   Fathers and Families Center

I was nervous about moving away from having someone in house. I didn’t want to be nickel and dimed. Resultant brought a team of professionals with different types of experience I couldn’t get in house. I had an entire team I could rely on and an all-in price whether we call once a month or a hundred times a month.

Tina Allen

CEO,   Eye Surgeons of Indiana

One of the most important things about Resultant is that they’re proactive. They’re actively managing our IT issues rather than waiting until there’s a problem.

Resultant IT Managed Services Client


Learn more about how our IT Helpdesk services can free your organization to achieve great outcomes.

IT Helpdesk: Get the support you need to keep your company moving.

When your internal resources are constantly putting out fires, there’s no time left for anything else—including completing the projects you’ve planned and budgeted for. And when technology isn’t operating optimally, business comes to a standstill. But what if your employees could get fast, accurate answers and assistance exactly at the time they need them without pulling anyone from other important work? Outsourcing your IT Helpdesk services could bring the freedom you’re seeking.

If you’ve already outsourced, how’s it going? Can you reach your helpdesk team any—and every—time you need them, including nights and weekends? Do they respond quickly, or do you wait for hours or even days for help? Do you feel you have the freedom to contact the IT Helpdesk as often as you need to, or is the pricing structure such that you’ve instructed employees to only reach out about the most urgent matters? Does your outsourced IT Helpdesk team understand your business, and does the same group of people serve you? Or do you never know the person who takes your call? Most importantly, do they provide the solutions you seek and is your company better off for having them onboard?

Resultant’s experts understand your business needs and support them through reliable, tailored technology services. Our team is composed not just of data and technology experts but of subject matter experts in numerous fields. We begin every client relationship with a discovery phase where meticulous questions combined with deep listening uncover your day-to-day issues, features that will make your work easier, and your goals. 

Know your IT Helpdesk team. We’re a managed services partner who can support your people, processes, and progress. 

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