Client Story: Addressing Constant Change for a Niche Medical Provider

No two clients are alike, meaning that while our approach to managed IT services is consistent, what we end up doing for an organization can be any number of things.

No matter what we encounter when we start working with a client, our technology assessment process allows us to understand exactly where an organization’s IT needs to shift to support its business strategy. Our objective is to ensure reliable, secure information technology to help each organization thrive. Once we’re on the case, our services team works proactively to guide technology usage in a way that supports client goals and frees them to worry about providing for their customers.

So that’s the approach part. How it plays out can mean just about anything. Working with Eye Surgeons of Indiana (ESI) has given us an opportunity to address a lot of the usual stuff—improving email security, upgrading the phone system, creating a prioritized roadmap of technology projects—and some utterly outside–the–box projects like integrating multiple EMR platforms or making sure a new fire system was operational. Helping ESI move didn’t just mean connecting equipment and coordinating with vendors but carrying in a lot of boxes. (Which are really heavy for IT folks, so don’t get any ideas.)

Working within a niche medical field, ESI is constantly adapting to new patient protocols, integrating new equipment, and adapting to new regulations regarding sensitive patient healthcare data. Meanwhile, ESI has been growing significantly and expanding its offices, staff, and the number of patients it cares for.

As a company, we like to stress that we’re always ready to jump in and figure out a solution to a problem we’ve never faced before. ESI has challenged us to prove it, over and over and over. And they’re still an enthusiastic client, so I think I’m safe in saying we’ve risen to their challenges.

Growing along with ESI

We’ve been working with ESI since 2014, when they weren’t so sure about even bringing in an outside IT team. The idea of relying on experts who weren’t in their office every day was a tough hurdle and meant that we had a specialist on-site at ESI twice a week at the start of our engagement, just so there was a shoulder to tap when questions arose. It wasn’t how we were used to operating but building trust with a client is an important part of making sure the contract provides solutions that work.

These days, ESI relies on us as their managed IT services provider for as much as we’re comfortable addressing. We tackle their day-to-day technology challenges, ensure their systems and data are secure, keep their equipment and processes humming along, lay out prioritized plans for improvement, integrate new medical equipment, and serve as a central point of contact for their technology vendors.

We’ve solved a lot of problems together. Had a lot of challenging conversations. Celebrated many successes.

ESI—and the ophthalmology field in general—have experienced a dizzying amount of change over the years we’ve worked together and it feels good to have been able to keep the business moving forward smoothly through all of it.

Check out our client story to see what Eye Surgeons of Indiana CEO Tina Allen has to say about our work together.

Shane Eack joined Resultant in 2014. He brings enthusiasm and long expertise to his work as senior manager of technology, especially in technology solutions, business management, and people leadership.



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