Why You Need a Business Intelligence Assessment

When you think of business intelligence, what comes to mind?  

A dashboard. But the reality is that Business Intelligence (BI) is more than just a dashboard. BI is actually a tool or approach to understanding what’s really happening in your business, based on the data available. To truly know what is happening in your business, you need to understand your data and how to make it actionable. A BI Assessment can help with that. 

Business Intelligence is More Than a Dashboard 

BI comprises a set of strategies used to measure and hold your organization accountable through tools, data structures, visualizations, and key performance indicators (KPIs) – all of which have to be tied to one another and to your organizational goals. A dashboard is only useful if it can be used to measure progress toward and hold teams accountable to common objectives. 

One common mistake organizations make is to start too big and try to take on too many BI projects at once. This can lead to a failed attempt to incorporate BI into your organizational strategy. A BI Assessment is one tool you can use to help you learn how to break down BI into small, approachable pieces and then prioritize how to execute them successfully. 

Why should you undergo a BI Assessment? 

Your BI Value Proposition

The most important reason to undergo a BI Assessment is to develop your organizational BI value proposition. Through a series of Use Cases (defined ways BI can effectively be used in your organization), which are developed over the life of an assessment, it’s our goal to hone in on your value proposition while getting to know your organization.

Understanding the ‘Why’

Before you can start to tackle data sources, structures, or tools, it is important to understand the ‘why’ behind what your organization does. Knowing that it might look different for different audiences, we hold a series of discovery sessions to understand your needs across all functions and levels of the organization. 

Discovery Sessions

During the discovery sessions, our team collects BI Use Cases, KPIs, and other data requirements from each department and level of your organization. The value, measurability, and requirements are then weighed against one another to craft a BI Implementation plan around a collection of Use Cases that represent both quick wins and long-term value to the organization. This strategy ensures your organization will see quick results that engage employees early and drive long-term value. 

Preparing for Implementation

Once we’ve established what will be required for implementation, we pick the highest value Use Case and use it to prove the value of BI across the organization in order to get buy-in from executives and stakeholders. Through sample data, we bring your Use Case to life and drive a live, functioning dashboard, which you can distribute to executives and stakeholders to get the value of BI straight into their hands – making the case for your BI implementation. 

After executives and stakeholders can see and feel the power of your organization’s data, you can follow up with a clear scope and clear costs – knowing that there won’t be any surprises around the corner. 

How can Resultant help? 

We’ve helped numerous organizations turn data into actionable insight for their organization. Are you ready to get started with a BI Assessment? Contact us today to make the most out of your data and maximize your team’s performance. 

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