Tableau Server Rapid Start and Optimization

A team of Tableau experts gets your implementation off to a strong, quick start with server rapid start (SRS) and optimization services.

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Harness the power of Tableau.

Resultant is a Tableau Partner with several Tableau Visionaries on staff and the expertise to ensure your implementation gets off on the right track to support your organization for years to come. Our customizable, comprehensive engagements support you with:

  • Assessing current architecture to support Tableau Server
  • Initial Tableau Server installation and configuration
  • Optimizing data loading and data transformation processes
  • Pre- and post-installation security configuration
  • Post-installation server performance optimization
  • Post-installation dashboard performance optimization

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Our Tableau implementation packages can be customized to your team's needs.

On-Site Architecture Review

A successful Tableau Server implementation starts with a strong foundation to ensure the structural support, security, and usability of the Tableau Server will meet your needs. As part of SRS or as a stand-alone audit, we ensure your architecture can support a Tableau Server implementation.

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Server Rapid Start

Leveraging Tableau's SRS Guidelines, Resultant performs a comprehensive implementation of your Tableau Server with a four-day engagement to make sure you quickly get the most from the Tableau platform.

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Security Configuration

Data security is critical for every organization. Whether you're installing Tableau Server for the first time or have a legacy implementation, we help you ensure your Tableau Server is configured correctly to maximize security while providing the right level of access to every user within your organization.

We start with a review of your current state and then collaborate with you to configure and implement the security protocols that meet your organization's needs.

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Server Performance Optimization

Maximizing ROI requires your servers to be running at peak performance—especially if your Tableau Server has been in place for a couple of years. Between new product releases and your ever-changing organization, a tune-up may be in order.

Resultant supports your team in reviewing and re-configuring your Tableau environment to ensure maximum performance so you get more value out of your investment.

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Data Pipeline Optimization

  • Data Source Review: Understanding current and future data source needs and how to optimize for Tableau environment and users
  • Design and Modeling: If your data architecture needs adjustment, our team helps you build the data warehouse solution best for your organization.
  • Loading and Transformation: Providing recommendations on best practices and automation solutions for loading and transforming data.
  • Quality and Testing: Offering best practices for automating the data QA process for your organization. Trusted data drives better insights and results.
  • Governance: Evaluating current Data Governance processes to ensure best practices are followed or implemented to help build trust in the data.

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Dashboard Performance Optimization

As the number of users grow and your dashboards evolve to share more and more data insights, the performance of your dashboards may not have kept up.

Resultant can fine tune your dashboards so they're optimized for your teams, delivering even faster insights and enabling better decision-making with the data.

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Managed Services

Resultant's Managed Services for Tableau enables you to outsource management of your Tableau environment by leveraging our Tableau expertise. Our team of Tableau Server experts monitors and maintains your Tableau environment to ensure delivers for your users.

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Tableau Training

Help your team utilize Tableau to its fullest. Resultant offers customizable Tableau training for users from rookie to advanced.

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Resultant can show you the power of Tableau through a product demo customized to your needs. Get answers from experts, learn more about training and implementation options, and take a tour of Tableau.


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