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What It Is

Find your way forward with Tableau Blueprint.

The Tableau Blueprint framework helps clients build capabilities for success with Tableau. It provides a starting point and roadmap for those organizations just starting out and creates visibility to those areas where organizations may struggle as they attempt to implement, roll out, and maximize their Tableau investment through these core areas:

  • Strategy: Build a vision for success
  • Advocacy: Identify and educate champions
  • Agility: Evolving as an organization grows
  • Proficiency: Developing users who can do more with data
  • Community: Building a network of evangelists within the organization
  • Trusted and Governed: Create trust and confidence in the data through governance
Impact Story

A data warehouse with rich Tableau dashboards gives Flagler Hospital insights into its operation.

How We Help

Find success with a Tableau Partner.

Our team works closely with Tableau to deliver solutions and services that align with their Blueprint framework. By addressing each of the core areas of the Blueprint framework, we provide options that address your particular needs and set your organization up for success.

Our Tableau Blueprint Design Services package helps organizations plan for the plan. It starts with focused interviews with key stakeholders so we can better understand pain points and goals for success. We then poll the larger organization to find the best opportunities for quick wins, and then we develop a plan that enables you to leverage the Blueprint framework for your success.

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For each core area of the Tableau Blueprint Framework, we have a service to support you.

Strategy: Analytics Strategy Services

Developing a data and analytics strategy is critical for deriving the most value out of your Tableau investment. If you don't already have a strategy, we recommend starting with a Strategic Data Assessment (SDA). The SDA provides a comprehensive evaluation of your current state across five key areas:

  • People and processes
  • Data models and structures
  • Data architecture and platforms
  • Reporting and visualization
  • Advanced analytics

Through a series of focused interviews, we discover, analyze, and recommend a data and analytics strategy that is right for you, including software technology platforms that enable self-service and automation.

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Advocacy: Executive Advocacy and Mentoring Services

Building support for major initiatives is critical to the success of initiatives like a departmental or enterprise rollout of Tableau. The landscape is littered with organizations that invested heavily in a game-changing software platform only to have it fail because the initiative wasn't properly supported throughout the organization.

We've helped hundreds of companies develop the right foundation for success through our Executive Advocacy & Mentoring Services package. Assisting in the design of a center of excellence, helping to create data and Analytics steering committees, and providing guidance to develop the right mix of team members are just some of the ways we can assist you to ensure your Tableau implementation has the right support throughout the organization.

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Agility: Rapid Start and Optimization Services

Installing and optimizing the performance of Tableau will ensure greater adoption and utilization of the visual analytics platform, increasing the return on your Tableau investment.

Following Tableau's recommendations, we have designed a Server Rapid Start (SRS) & Performance Optimization Services package that leverages best practices and Resultant's expertise to ensure a streamlined, secure, and optimized environment for your Tableau users.

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Proficiency: Success Enablement Services

Tableau continues to evolve, and keeping up with all of the capabilities and features it offers can be challenging. Resultant's team of Tableau trainers is certified to deliver our Success Enablement Services and help build proficiency for your users. Whether you need Tableau Desktop I or a custom class designed specifically for your users, we can deliver.

Our staff includes a number of Tableau Visionaries (formerly called Zen Masters)—experts who have proven themselves collaborative educators especially proficient in Tableau. Talk to us about our Tableau Visionary Office Hours to access the best of the best.

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Community: Customer Experience Lifecycle Services

Building an internal community of users pays dividends for your organization. How you create, feed, support ,and maintain that community can make the difference between good and great.

We've helped hundreds of organizations get started in building out internal communities that drive incremental value for the organization. Whether it is designing a center of excellence, launching an internal Tableau user group, or helping to integrate your internal community with the larger Tableau user communities across the globe, we have the passion and expertise to guide and mentor you every step of the way with customizable services.

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Trusted and Governed: Managed Services

Trust in your data is paramount to achieving better data, better insights, and better results. Ensuring you have the right data and process governance in place is an important step. You also need a team or partner to monitor and adjust your configuration to maintain best practices and ensure trust.

Resultant offers a Managed Services For Tableau service, enabling companies to entrust the management of your Tableau environment to Tableau experts. Our team of Tableau Server experts will monitor and maintain your Tableau environment to ensure it is ready for your users.

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