ResponsiveEd’s Data Solutions Will Make a Difference for More Students

ResponsiveEd received federal funding to improve visibility and provide near real‐time status and actionable information on academic progress, standardized test preparation and results, and program compliance for at-risk and economically disadvantaged students. They turned to Resultant to help choose and implement data and technology enhancements that would demonstrate the best use of those funds.



The Problem

All levels of decision makers—teachers, directors, regional staff, district staff, and parents—needed visibility to plan and allocate resources, proactively engage at-risk students, and develop new or modified academic plans. The diversity of schools and systems across multiple states had previously prevented a functional central data repository. Early attempts to consolidate the data proved it was difficult to build and fragile to maintain, while business rules governing the data often existed only in the heads of key individuals.


We began with a deep dive into processes, workflows, and goals with ResponsiveEd stakeholders. Beginning the solution at the data warehouse level would enable rapid development, proper documentation, and data visualization. Complexities such as multi-district and multi-state requirements were modeled to allow blended reporting across all schools in all states, districts, and branches of education.

Because of federally mandated restrictions, the initial project had to be completed in less than four months. We worked closely with ResponsiveEd’s technical and business users to install, design, and implement the data warehouse and visualization tools within that time frame.

Outcomes and Impact

RosponsiveEd’s user community now has unprecedented data access and financial reporting is consolidated across schools, districts, and states. Actionable metrics monitor academic progress so at-risk and economically disadvantaged students are less likely to fall through the cracks.

ResponsiveEd has analytical visibility into schools in two states and is preparing to expand into others. Their new data solutions provide reporting and analytics capabilities for multiple education systems, enabling easy performance evaluation and identification of needed prescriptive actions.

About the Client

ResponsiveEd is a family of schools headquartered in Texas with a mission to provide hope for students through educational options that promote a free society and cultivate moral and academic excellence. Their unique approach to education is responsive to community needs, offering educational options that reflect the diverse interests, goals, and learning styles of students within the communities they serve.

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