Tableau Essentials 1 and 2

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Essentials 1 and 2

About This Course

Giving teams the fundamentals they need in just a few days, this comprehensive training course ensures users gain competency in key Tableau concepts and functionality.

Designed specifically for the virtual learning environment, this course is for the beginning Tableau user eager to understand Tableau, learn techniques for simple and complex visualizations, and build interactive business dashboards.

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Mapping and Geospatial Tips and Tricks with Tableau

I enjoyed and benefitted from Resultant's Essentials 1 and 2 for Tableau course. I particularly appreciate the instructor's willingness to spend time outside of class to help shape my thinking about Tableau and a dashboard for our board.

Harold W. Stanley

Vice President for Executive Affairs,   SMU

Course Overview

Tableau Essentials 1

Introduction to Tableau

  • A quick build
  • Charts for viewing specific values
  • Creating data sources
  • Charts for viewing geographic data
  • Charts for viewing multiple measures
  • Charts for viewing time series
  • Defining calculations
  • Table calculations
  • Charts for viewing breakdown of the whole
  • Building dashboards

Tableau Essentials 2

Review of Tableau Essentials 1 Concepts and More

  • A quick build
  • Parameters
  • Geocoding
  • Table calculations
  • LODs
  • Merging data
  • Extracts
  • Dashboarding

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Train with Tableau experts.

Resultant's Tableau Essentials 1 and 2 courses provide smart, easy-to-access training that works.

  • Instructor-led classes. Learn from direct and live trainings with Tableau-certified trainers.
  • Training materials. Two e-manuals with starter and solution workbooks are yours to reference.
  • Recorded sessions. Access the class video recordings for up to 30 days upon request.
  • Follow-up mentoring. Schedule an hour of one-on-one help with your instructor.


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David Baldwin

Senior Consultant

David Baldwin has worked in business intelligence and data warehousing for 21 years. For the past six years, his primary responsibility has been teaching Tableau classes. As a trainer, he has traveled throughout the United States and beyond, teaching Tableau classes at over 200 organizations. Find David’s books about Tableau on Amazon.

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