Case Management & Labor Exchange Provides Citizen Enablement

The Indiana Department of Workforce Development wanted to increase transparency, evaluate effectiveness in serving citizens across industries and economies of Indiana, improve data collection around the state, and implement a technology upgrade that integrates job seeker data and case manager data into one system for increased insights.

Having worked alongside Resultant to launch its unemployment insurance modernization system, Uplink, DWD turned to Resultant to once again for project planning, management, and integration. With a new technology platform and mobile application, Hoosiers can now find the right job with a few clicks of a button.

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NWI.Life Indiana Department of Workforce Development

The Indiana Department of Workforce Development (DWD) helps to ensure the growth and continued strength of Indiana's economy by providing Indianans with resources and services needed to advance in the workforce, such as training and employment programs, labor market information, job search resources and Unemployment Insurance systems.

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This was a multifaceted project with many moving parts. We wanted resources involved who were used to large-scale program management. That’s where Resultant came in.

Steve Elliott

Former Chief Information Officer,   State of Indiana Department of Workforce Development

With the new technology in place, we can spend less time focusing on the technology and more time serving the citizens of Indiana efficiently and effectively.

Steve Braun

Former Commissioner Communication,   State of Indiana Department of Workforce Development

Consistent, actionable data is a critical asset that all businesses need today. Through its data analytics tools, DWD is providing that data and insight. This is a critical first step in helping effectively align workforce with industry needs.

Paul Perkins

State Workforce Innovation Council Chairman,   Amatrol CEO and President

The Problem

Inconsistent data that required manual intervention, plus out-of-support and difficult-to manage technology, meant DWD needed to prioritize a technology upgrade. Because of the challenges with the old system, an upgrade meant saving money in the long run in addition to better serving Hoosiers.

To assist job seekers with securing employment and enabling employers to find trained workers, DWD launched its technology upgrade project. With job-seeker data in one system and case management data in another, DWD decided to implement an integrated, vendor-developed Case Management and Labor Exchange (CMLX) technology solution to replace its legacy systems.

The agency saw an opportunity to improve its processes and procedures surrounding data collection and retention. Understanding the power of data to provide valuable insights to the agency, DWD sought to implement consistent data collection standards across the State. With the right data, DWD knew it had the potential to see where industries are growing, and ultimately, begin to intelligently prepare the workforce for future jobs.

Initial Pain Points for DWD
  • Inconsistent Data
  • Aging and Outdated Technology Infrastructure
  • Error-prone Manual Data Entry
  • Lack of Standards and Methodology for Data Collection and Retention

The Solution

As the project assurance partner, Resultant ensured all parties were driving to the same goals and taking the steps needed to achieve them. To ensure success, the Resultant team focused on: 

  • Providing transparency and visibility into project status and progress.
  • Evaluating critical processes and work products at each phase of the project.
  • Creating and updating a project dashboard that detailed agreed-upon measures of progress for stakeholders and evaluated critical elements that had the potential to deter success.

At the heart of Resultant’s involvement in the project was our focus on serving as champion of both business users and technical users of the solution. From an external vantage point, the team bridged the gap between stakeholders and held both the State and the vendor, Geographic Solutions, accountable to ensure the system was ready for go-live.

Scheduled more than a year in advance, the team pressed go live, and the project launched on time and under budget. Following go live, Resultant served as DWD’s partner throughout its maintenance and support phase.

The Outcome

DWD is looking at data in a new way to drive insights and decisions. The collection of critical data surrounding Indiana employment, skills, competencies, and training assist the agency in understanding and preparing for new and growing industry needs across the State.

The integration of two disparate systems enables case managers to more effectively serve citizens by bringing together job data and job-seeker data. Case managers can now easily troubleshoot skills, determine which jobs are in demand, review wage information, and more accurately recommend services such as a resume or interview prep to meet the needs of the citizens they serve. They also can compile mandated federal and state reports with ease, enabling greater efficiency.

By implementing the new commercial-off-the-shelf product, DWD has freed up resources to serve citizens by eliminating the need for system maintenance and support. The easily configurable system can readily adapt to updated laws and regulations, as well as to the needs of citizens now and in the future.

Citizens now can leverage state-of-the-art technology, including the addition of a mobile-friendly application as they seek employment. The technology benefits citizens in their job search, Indiana businesses in finding the right people, and DWD in more quickly and accurately facilitating job placement.

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