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An application that doesn’t work like it should won’t get used. The path to functionality, reliability, and security is a meticulous quality assurance process.

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Why getting quality assurance automation right the first time is important.

Applications that support access and collaboration for your teams and customers are vital. Your custom app doesn't mean a thing if it doesn't work like it should. Our deeply skilled Quality Assurance (QA) experts are here to help.

Whether you need to automate existing QA testing processes or validate standalone applications, Resultant will work with you to deliver an app that performs seamlessly.

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What We Do

Our automated quality assurance services deliver functional and stable software.

Utilizing an Agile methodology, our QA specialists start testing from the beginning with continuous integration between development and testing. As soon as requirements are agreed upon, our team creates an iterative test plan to evaluate usability, application features, performance under load, and security. Automated tests are developed alongside functionality and run throughout the software development lifecycle.

Toward Peace of Mind Through Quality Assurance.

We all just expect things to work, right? It’s jarring when an app doesn’t do what it should or even function reliably. And with so many options available, expect customers to turn away, employees to find SaaS platforms that fill in the gap. The reality is this: It doesn’t matter if you have the most innovative application on the market—if it constantly crashes and runs poorly, no one will want to use it. We won’t let you end up in that boat.

Our quality assurance specialists care deeply about your application’s success, and so they look closely at usability, performance under load, and security as well as application features. They are the kind of nitpicking, obsessive, orderly minds who love nothing more than coming up with new ways to find flaws, and you can tell them we said that. You might not want to invite them to judge your closet organization, but you definitely want them on your side when it comes to making sure your application runs like it should, reliably and securely. Working with a team of QA specialists who develop automated tests and tirelessly run test cycles makes the difference between ho-hum and an application that’s your catalyst for success.

Leveraging an Agile, test-driven development (TDD) strategy and SMART protocol, our team runs IT end-to-end testing, unit testing, regression testing, and more—all of which is carefully designed and executed to make sure your app is secure and reliable, and that it functions efficiently. Microsoft Power Automate, Azure Test Case, and Xray through JIRA are just some of the tools we utilize to assure high quality application development and management.

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