Economic Development Agencies 

Support growth for communities, employers, and citizens with greater insight into workforce pipelines.

How we help

Make more from opportunity through improved strategy and advanced analytics.

The challenges presented by a tight labor market and low unemployment become insurmountable when siloed data and dusty technology interfere with insight. Workforce pipelines can’t support economic growth without statewide strategy and data access.

Our team helps agencies develop insight into supply and demand to support economic development efforts and encourage local industries to become actively involved in talent development. We help determine your current state, understand your strategy, and develop the tools for supporting talent and growing communities.

Impact Story

Bringing Workforce Aid Efficiently to Citizens

Support your economic development strategy with greater insight into the talent pipeline.

Take Workforce Programming Further

Experts with backgrounds in technology, data science, and workforce partner with you to deliver a customized solution designed for your agency and community.

Talent Pipeline Assessment

Find the insight that helps build workforce development and economic development strategies. Our talent pipeline assessments give you insight from state and public data. Lean on our data scientists for a fuller picture of talent supply according to demand or projected demand within your industry.

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Talent Resource Navigator

Give users a clear, intuitive path to the employment and training information they need with a web application that connects learners, employers, and training providers with opportunities. Our Talent Resource Navigator provides a wealth of resources to learners and connects employers to already built training programs they can easily tap into to build their talent strategy.

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Strategic Data Assessment

Discover gaps in how data is collected and how it supports or fails your desired outcomes. Through an objective process of discovery, analysis, and planning, a strategic data assessment shows how data can do more for your organization as you strive to build the talent pipeline and encourage economic development

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See how your agency can achieve great outcomes with solutions uniquely tailored to you.

Where economic development agencies thrive, so do residents, employers, and communities.

Supporting economic growth means connecting a lot of dots that never stop moving—to find meaning in a community landscape that never stops shifting. But what could be more important than ensuring opportunity at every level? It’s a massive undertaking that doesn’t have to rely on good fortune or guesswork even where predictions are a critical part of the game. Throw in a tight labor market, and things get even dicier.

It's not an insurmountable challenge, however. We exist to help make difficult challenges easier to manage with deep dives into the data that matters. Our job is to help connect you with the data that lies buried or that you might not have considered utilizing at all. We can help you assess what you need and how you’ll apply it, and then we build the tools you need to improve reporting, better bring residents and employers together, and bring the greatest economic growth to your community.

No, really. Talk to our team to find out how we’ve helped agencies delve deeper into supply and demand to craft effective economic development programs and encourage local employers toward talent development. When you can better illustrate the need and potential to critical stakeholders, you see growth take shape. We’ve seen it over and over.

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