Sandip Biswas

Sandip Biswas, PhD

Senior Director, Data Science

Sandip Biswas
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Sandip leads Resultant’s Data Science team, supporting their growth and the delivery of exceptional client outcomes.  

Sandip began his career in academia and now has over a decade of experience developing data science and analytics solutions across government and private sector clients.

He has delivered projects that leverage a variety of advanced analytical capabilities including data mining, machine learning, deep learning, statistical modeling, anomaly detection, natural language processing, and network and graph analysis techniques in advanced on-premise and cloud environments. 

Focusing on the complex challenges of individual clients with the goal of building large-scale solutions, his responsibilities include strategy development and uncovering problem-solving methodologies. By leveraging scientific methods and advanced data-driven analytic techniques to transform business processes, his team finds solutions to unanswered questions and informs programs and initiatives. 

Outside of the office, Sandip enjoys traveling and reading. His favorite recent destination was Patagonia and he recommends reading “Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind” by Yuval Noah Harari. Sandip is also a new father.  

“The combination of driven people and their interest in solving problems to help the community is what is most interesting to me about my role. I am driven by novel and challenging problems.”

Quick Facts

  • University of Calcutta, Bachelor of Science, Physics 
  • Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, Master of Science, Physics 
  • University of Hawaii, Manoa, with John Hopkins University, Doctor of Philosophy, Elementary Particle Physics 
  • Research published in numerous scientific journals

Favorite Resultant Value

  • Fearless Problem Solving 
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