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Data Managed Services

Precision is impossible when data is overlooked or incomplete. Getting the insight you need from your data depends on a lot more than asking the right questions. And because change is constant, turning data into action requires not just expertise but vigilance. 

Our team includes data scientists, engineers, architects, developers, and consultants who see past what’s happening now to bridge your goals with the data you already collect. With Data Managed Services, you get more than a fuller view of your business; you get solutions that light your path forward.

Data Managed Services

We’re proud to help organizations thrive, and we’d love to tell you more.

We’re proud to help organizations thrive, and we’d love to tell you more.

Our Approach

Before we can help you make best use of your data, we spend time getting to know your organization. Our team is not just impressively educated and experienced but empathetic, infinitely curious, and devoted to uncovering productive solutions that answer complex questions to support your organization’s mission.

We’re devoted to the true problem-solving power of relationships. You work with a small team who gets to know your vision and your day-to-day triumphs and obstacles. That starts with a thorough discovery process to understand your challenges, catalog your data assets, and get to know your systems and architecture. Then we work with you to solve your data problems. And keep solving them. You get ongoing support as new challenges arise or your strategy grows—from a partner who’s invested in your success.

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With expert members of our Data Analytics team on your side, proactive maintenance keeps data issues to a minimum—and you have experts at hand to immediately address issues when they do arise, so you don’t lose time and access. You get the kind of big-picture attention that improves your data strategy and your business strategy, giving you precise answers to questions efficiently and reliably.

Maintain your dashboard solution and keep it growing as you do by relying on our experts to troubleshoot, suggest improvements, and facilitate your strategy.

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Identify and address the inaccuracies that hold you back; ongoing data cleansing ensures the data used to inform decisions  is accurate, complete, and reliable.

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Eliminate multiple-record inaccuracies and errors with a strategy that ensure one golden record can be relied upon throughout your organization.

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A clear understanding of what data means for where you want to go drives the best practices that ensure your data is secure, reliable, and accessible—and supports your goals.

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Rely on a system that suits your business to integrate data across sources to provide a central view and consistent reporting and analysis.

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“Based on insights revealed from the data, we are improving operations and impacting policy in the State of Indiana. We’re truly moving the needle with respect to key indicators in Indiana.”

David Matusoff Management Performance Hub, The State of Indiana, Former Executive Director

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