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Technology has become far too complex for any one partner to excel at everything you need. That doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice top-tier services but that your most effective partner brings together a customized slate of specialists and oversees every element of your technology solutions.

With a provider adept at multisource service integration (MSI), you get the best of available technology and one resource who manages the entire range of people and products that make up your IT environment. One dedicated team answers your questions and helps your organization thrive.

We’re proud to help organizations thrive, and we’d love to tell you more.

We’re proud to help organizations thrive, and we’d love to tell you more.


Our passion for technology comes from seeing how it can be the difference between the status quo and success. We don’t try to shoehorn your organization into any particular technology solution. Our goal isn’t to find just any solution, but the solution that best aligns to your goals and will help your people achieve them. In that sense, and unlike many other IT managed services providers, we are technology agnostic. Our team of experts will act as the project manager your organization needs to oversee the development and maintenance of all your technology resources, becoming the one partner you need to elevate technology to a whole new level.

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When Resultant is your organization’s MSI solution provider, we become your single technology partner—a dedicated team acting as steward, strategist, and overseer of building the high-performing technology ecosystem you need to achieve your organization’s goals.

If your technology isn’t supporting your organizational goals, people, and processes, then you’re missing out on the full range of benefits the right technology solutions can bring to the table. Our collaborative partnership approach to IT consulting begins by gaining a thorough understanding of your processes and how your current technology resources support those processes and where they fail to deliver what you need. This comprehensive discovery process includes a number of IT assessments, plenty of collaborative dialog, and careful listening. The goal is to create a detailed IT plan aligned to your business strategy and goals.

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Digital transformation is not to be taken lightly. It requires the utmost care in planning and openness to creative solutions. In the digital age of the twenty-first century, companies and organizations of all types are increasingly arriving to the realization it’s time to move away from the legacy systems, outmoded processes, and data strategies that are no longer able to provide the solutions demanded by the needs of today. Powerful capabilities are now accessible through the cloud rather than on-premises solutions. We’ll help you assess your cloud readiness and choose the platform right for your organization. Unlike other IT managed services providers, our expertise in cloud solutions extends too all major players: Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services.

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Fewer things create more frustration among the end users your organization serves than a subpar contact center relying upon outdated infrastructure and cobbled-together technologies that barely get the job done. These touchpoints with clients and customers are one of the richest sources of data available to your organization to become one that meets their needs efficiently and reliably with quality service and speedy resolution of issues.

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The remote workforce was already a trend in the digital age but was greatly accelerated during the COVID-19 global pandemic. Many organizations and companies will no doubt have a higher percentage of remote and hybrid workers after the pandemic subsides, which means they need to replace the hacked-together workarounds pulled together in crisis with real technology solutions that modernize workflows, minimize data loss, and increase efficiency.

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Many businesses and organizations need custom app development but don’t have the in-house capacity to do it right. Resultant will connect you to the developers who will make short work of solving your web, mobile, enterprise, and API challenges. The goal is simple: Leverage the smartest current technology available to develop apps that will stand the test of time by being adaptable to changing needs.

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Your data and technology assets must be protected from all manner of security threats. We’ll oversee making sure you get everything you need, including security architecture and strategy, governance and compliance, threat intelligence and vulnerability management, information protection and privacy, and all end-user testing and training.

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“Resultant has allowed us to function as a full-fledged milk bank and not have to worry about how the technology is going to work.”

Janice O'Rourke The Milk Bank, Former Executive Director

“Resultant treats our company as their own. [The team] goes above and beyond for us every day, not just working on the project assigned, but caring to advise us on business in general. They are more than service providers; they are business partners. Resultant allows us access to brilliant people and processes that on our own we would not otherwise enjoy.”

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