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Where the true mission is improving lives, the deeply personal, ever-changing, and consequential nature of the work brings especially complex challenges. It matters, and its effectiveness depends on leveraging a complicated network of data, technology, and process expertise that delivers answers to difficult questions. We exist to support that critical mission. 

Combining unmatched technical and scientific expertise with extensive experience in public health, we partner with agencies to transform decision making and achieve greater outcomes for citizens. Our health and human consulting specialists help agencies get more from federal funding with solutions that unlock insights by using sophisticated analysis techniques and integrating data from numerous sources. While meticulously navigating compliance issues, we collaborate with agencies toward increased constituent access, more strategic spending, greater transparency, and healthier outcomes for the people who depend on them.

Health and Human Services - Resultant

We’re proud to help organizations thrive, and we’d love to tell you more.

We’re proud to help organizations thrive, and we’d love to tell you more.

Our Approach

Where other consultants see limitations, we find opportunity. Within every regulation, every data-sharing blockade, every entrenched process lies the chance to innovate. We help the health and human services agencies we work with find every opportunity to bring their intended program outcomes, no matter how complex their problem or environment.

We build teams that blend disciplines and question everything. We bring incredible technical minds to problem solving. Your project team will include experts with education and experience in public health—earnest partners who own your project and deliver your solution.

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Experience and Expertise

We’ve been working in the public sector as long as we’ve been around, meeting complex challenges in health and human services agencies with profound technical and policy-area expertise.

When they came to us, a Department of Health could measure activity in the Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) program but not whether it was making a difference. Our team set up a software and reporting system to integrate data to understand the context of individuals reached—and left out—by WIC to determine whether it was accomplishing its purpose.

To safely and effectively compile data from disparate sources—across the state and among external partners—we built the award-winning Management Performance Hub for the State of Indiana. Complex questions that require input and analysis from a range of contributors find answers. The platform supports data-informed policymaking, increases transparency to the citizenry, and improves decision making to provide better outcomes for Hoosiers. 

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The drug and opioid overdose problem spans organizations responsible for policing, healthcare, treatment and recovery, and regulations and policy. We helped bring together disparate data sources to create a comprehensive analytical view. Our project strategy and oversight delivered a dashboard for pattern visualization showing drug use over time and location, overdoses, and treatment program locations. We also provided data cleansing and preparation, and the advanced analytics that enabled policymakers to identify the most impactful locations for new opioid treatment programs. 

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When a Family and Social Services agency struggled to replace its legacy information, programs, and services administration system, our team was called in to provide project turnaround, including an overall assessment of system readiness and incomplete features of the intended system. We identified options and priorities for proceeding, and developed a high-level feature completion and system launch roadmap that included key metrics for gauging success. Our oversight also identified key dependencies, activities, and timelines to build an action-oriented scorecard that drove communication, collaboration, and execution across teams. Our engagement continued through implementation, testing, and go-live. 

 For agencies seeking greater value from personally identifiable information (PII), we’ve designed probabilistic record linkage solutions from our unique methodology, which combines custom record linkage with refined processes that probabilistically link large-scale datasets. When new data silos are added to the system, the algorithm leverages this information to not only form new linkages but add additional power and information to existing matches. Large-scale record linkage can be used wherever data silos evolve and grow separately, such as state government agencies with separate funding sources.

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