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Build a successful student experience through data-driven insight—and drive recruitment and retention.

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Build a stronger future with insight from securely consolidated data.

Data that lives in disparate systems can’t provide the insight or deliver the efficiencies that help universities thrive. Campus Analytics Engine is a highly flexible data analytics solution that helps you consolidate, clean, and standardize data; enables reporting and analytics through a cloud-based analytics environment; and increases enrollment and retention though our proprietary data models.

Our education and data experts help clients leverage analytics tools that enable them to do more with systemwide data. We help schools identify prospective students, optimize scholarships to efficiently convert students, and guide students toward a successful academic and career path.

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What We Do

The Campus Analytics Engine Modules

Your customized solution will begin with the data lakehouse and include any of the other modules that make up our Campus Analytics Engine.

Data Lakehouse 

Consolidate data into a central location for reporting and analytics by establishing data pipelines among university data systems. Cleansed data is pulled into the cloud-based warehouse, which serves as a central point for data reporting, analytics, and predictive analytics cross campus.

Self-Service Analytics Platform

Conduct data analysis and reporting in a secure, cloud-based environment. Facilitate data analysis at all levels— from simple reporting via tools such as Tableau and Power BI to advanced and predictive analytics, machine learning, and AI leveraging tools such as RStudio and Python.

Student Matriculation Module

Predict each applicant’s initial matriculation probability—and increase it by determining an optimal award amount based on the applicant’s sensitivity to financial awards, your financial model, and the applicant population.

Student Retention Module

Predict the likelihood of retaining each student through a model-determined student success score and identify reasons behind risk of attrition. Improve student and university outcomes with a more informed intervention strategy for each student.

Use Cases

The Power of Campus Analytics Engine

  • Consolidate data across systems.

    Ensure reliable data pipelines among university systems and a central location for data reporting, analytics, and predictive analytics across campus.

  • Spot trends and allocate resources.

    The self-service analytics module enables university staff to conduct data analysis and reporting in a secure, cloud-based environment.  

  • Attract and retain students.

    Increase conversion rates when you understand which students are most likely to enroll—and retain them by developing insight into each student's journey.

Related Capabilities

We help schools and universities find greater insight through data with these and other services.

  • Data Engineering

    Gain a trusted ally in the education industry, equipped with the knowledge and expertise to optimize your data-driven processes. Our data engineers work diligently to establish reliable data pipelines, seamlessly integrating disparate data sources across your education ecosystem.

  • Data Governance

    Rely on education-specific data governance practices, tailored to meet the regulatory requirements, privacy concerns, and data management complexities of the industry. Our team supports and refines your data governance framework beyond the initial design and implementation phase.

  • Data Security

    Get peace of mind that your valuable data assets are safeguarded at every stage of their lifecycle. We develop a customized data security strategy that aligns with your organization's goals and regulatory compliance.

  • Advanced Data Analytics

    Unlock the hidden potential within your data. Through sophisticated data modeling, statistical analysis, and machine learning algorithms, we empower you to make data-driven decisions that enhance student success, inform instructional practices, and improve organizational efficiency.

  • Business Intelligence

    Decisions based on stale data are unreliable and require inordinate time and effort. Our team helps put the tools to support your strategy at your fingertips in clear, intuitive dashboards.

  • Data Architecture

    Strong data architecture ensures you see all sides of your data and can answer the most complex questions to meet your organization’s challenges. Our data architecture designs align with your needs and goals—solutions which grow along with you. 

  • Data Modeling

    How can you use your data to meet your institution's needs if you don’t know what data you have? Our team will design a well-structured, flexible data model that represents your data accurately and reliably even as your data evolves.

Meet your student experience analytics team.

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Senior Director, Education Practice

Sr. Consultant, Education Services | K12 Lead

Anderson Smith

Engagement Manager

Recruit students and support them effectively with advanced data analytics.

What happens between first college visit and second semester can make all the difference between whether a student graduates or falls through the cracks—and starts a ripple effect that can help or harm your recruitment efforts. Advanced data analytics gives you the insight that helps you encourage student success and thrive in an increasingly competitive environment. We help colleges and universities refine enrollment and recruiting tactics, identify the most productive markets for prospective students, and optimize scholarships to efficiently convert students.

And after all those efficiently recruited students arrive, we work with clients to keep them around with tools that help students find their most appropriate career path, guide them toward the major that aligns with their skills, or pivot after academic struggle.

Find a lot more of what you need to thrive—and create the student experience that builds your brand. Getting a full view of academic performance, health and well-being, extracurricular activities, and a range of other factors makes the difference between dropout rates that deter new students and graduates who are your best advertisement.  


Go beyond recruitment and retention. Find insight in the full student experience.

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