Data-Driven Tool Fuels Ivy Tech’s Evolution

When Ivy Tech launched its Career Counseling and Employer Connections (CCEC) initiative, the objective was to revolutionize how student career counseling operates. To make this happen required a total revamp of their data ecosystem and a fundamental change in how everyone involved interacts with data.

Data-Driven Tool Proves ROI

Seeking outcomes in line with their mission of being a leader in community education, Ivy Tech wanted an ROI methodology that would use student data to inform career paths and course choices, show employer partners and funders the benefits of CCEC, evaluate efficacy and relevancy of programs within the College, and tell the compelling story of choosing Ivy Tech over other schools or training to potential students. They partnered with Resultant to create a human-focused, data-driven solution.

The CCEC initiative needed to be properly fueled with relevant datasets and analytics; before that could happen, it needed adjustments to data architecture and infrastructure. The solution we created together is cloud-based, scalable, and robust.

Seeing the Big Picture

By linking Ivy Tech data with Indiana’s Management Performance Hub (MPH), student longitudinal data became available to analyze for discoveries. Accurate, real-world information shed new light on every part of CCEC’s processes.

The connection between student data and state data paints an accurate picture of ROI for funders, partners, and students alike. Programs internal to the College are regularly refined for efficacy, and CCEC practices for career coaches, career experience specialists, and employer consultants are targeted to provide better value to specific student demographics.

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