Resultant EVP Mike Vance on People-First Technology in CIO Coverage

Resultant committed to a different approach to consulting at our inception: we would put people first and collaborate with clients toward solutions rather than building solutions for them. It’s an approach that has served clients well over the years.

Recently, Executive Vice President of Professional Services Mike Vance shared his insights with CIO Coverage about what makes Resultant unique.

People Before Technology

“Begin and end with the people experiencing the problem,” says Vance. It seems simple enough, he said, but it is rare in an industry characterized by consultancies that attempt to lead clients to the newest, shiniest innovations: “Those things are intriguing and can be extremely powerful, but they don’t matter until they address the needs of humans.”

Resultant’s approach begins with learning all we can about a client’s business, asking questions, and deeply listening to the answers, he said. Employing experts in all platforms ensures we’re not limited by specific formats or incentivized to move away from a client’s best interests. And since the objective is to help clients fulfill their strategies, planning, change management, and training receive as much attention as technology.

Partner Before Provider

Vance knows that getting data into useable formats and asking the right questions of it are the key elements that enable strong, data-driven decision making and clear strategies. He points to Resultant’s true partner mentality as critical to helping clients implement technology and bringing it all together in ways that specifically support those strategies.

That partnership to facilitate technology to intentionally advance business goals is a piece Vance was missing in his previous years as a CIO: “I’m glad to be part of a team that is the strategic partner I’d always wanted.”

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