Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction Engages Resultant to Expand Statewide Learning Platform for Offenders

Corrections Learning Management Platform will provide training and support across 28 Ohio correctional facilities

COLUMBUS (May 22, 2023) — The State of Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction (ODRC) has contracted with Resultant, a Google Cloud Premier Partner and Google Education deployment partner, to implement a scalable, statewide learning platform that offers incarcerated people the opportunity to elevate their education experience and prepare for seamless transitions into the workforce and community.

“Providing educational opportunities gives people leaving our prisons the best chance of success,” said ODRC Director Annette Chambers-Smith. “Education is often viewed as a privilege when it should be recognized as a rehabilitative necessity. By expanding our educational resources and maximizing the technology available to us, we are directly aligning our work with our mission to reduce recidivism among those we touch.”

ODRC has taken an industry-leading approach in providing educational programming via a secure, wireless network that students can access in prison schools, libraries, career technical spaces and dayrooms within living quarters. In partnership with Resultant and Google Public Sector, ODRC has deployed 10,000 Chromebooks across all 28 of its prisons, including high-security facilities and all housing areas. The Chromebooks offer access to approved content to help students prepare for appropriate assessments to obtain a high school diploma, high school equivalency, career technical education (CTE) completion certification and/or adult diploma, in addition to online applications for research and job searches. The platform also supports the ability for incarcerated individuals to submit a resume to prospective employers within 90 days of release.

“Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction is blazing new trails in offering innovative ways to rehabilitate its incarcerated population,” said Josh Wakefield, Resultant vice president of public sector services. “Resultant is proud to work with ODRC to continue pioneering statewide learning management platforms, tackling a number of technical challenges that arise when serving the unique environmental requirements of correctional facilities.”

ODRC in collaboration with Google Public Sector have brought up the ability to use Google Classroom to deliver virtual instruction within individual schools and amongst other program areas with the facilities that are on the statewide wireless network. These efforts include using data to drive instruction and being able to reach all students at all locations at any time of day.

The Ohio Central School System (OCSS) is the school district operating within ODRC that provides educational programs that give incarcerated people the opportunity to complete adult education courses, with three pathways for graduation offered in Ohio (high school, high school equivalence, or adult diploma), CTE vocational training, apprenticeship, college, in addition to library services and reentry academy. The learning management platform will be an enhancement of the hybrid learning opportunities OCSS provides. The mission of OCSS is to provide excellence in academic, job training, and social-emotional skills required for successful reentry into society, and to nurture lifelong learning to build an educated, productive, and hopeful community of global citizens.

Resultant is a Google Cloud Premier Partner, and its team holds over 70 certifications such as Google Cloud Collaboration Engineer, Google Cloud ChromeOS Engineer, Google Cloud Certified Cloud Developer, Google Professional Cloud Security Engineer, and Google Cloud Professional Cloud Architect, and Google Cloud Professional Cloud DevOps Engineer.

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