Since 2008, we’ve been solving the problems no one else can.

We started as KSM Consulting. Our future is Resultant.

We help clients do business better.

Our radically different approach to consulting solves data, technology, and business problems.

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Establish and maintain reliable technology solutions that move your organization forward. Technology’s value lies in supporting your people and processes as you drive toward your goals.

Data Analytics

Discover the answers your information holds within your data. Find simple answers from complex data within an architecture that can adapt as you progress.

Digital Transformation

Thriving in today’s world means being ready for tomorrow. We help clients build a culture of innovation that is equipped to embrace change. This foundation ensures data and tech solution investments are realized for enduring success.

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We don’t mind being called “different.”

Resultant experts are unusually bold partners dedicated to making work better for people. Our approach to helping clients thrive starts with empathy and ends with outcomes.

We drive mission-critical outcomes for clients.

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