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Root out extra costs and cut security risks with support from your Managed SaaS Ops team.

How We Help

A solution for managing SaaS platforms.

Software as a service (SaaS) platforms make work life easier for millions of employees who add what they need—usually without input from the company’s IT department. Most organizations have no idea what products they’re paying for, where their data is being stored, and what’s no longer in use but still on the ledger.

Managed SaaS Ops helps you address shadow IT—the products in use in your organization but not approved by your IT department. Your data security improves when you know what’s being used by whom and can restrict access when employees leave.

Nearly 80%
of SaaS platforms are adopted without input from a company's IT team
$40 billion
in unnecessary spending resulted from unused SaaS platforms in 2020

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What We Do

Helping protect your data and your budget.

Our IT Managed Services team works with Saaslio to address the problem of shadow IT and help your organization manage SaaS platforms. As part of a technology strategy, we work with you to determine which Saas platforms are in use, create a baseline, and remove redundant or noncompliant applications, reducing potential threats to your security.

As part of the baseline service, you get a centralized, complete view of all SaaS platforms within your organization, enabling your IT team to receive notifications when a new app is added. When you know what is being used—and how—it becomes easy for your IT team to identify redundancy and help condense subscriptions. To help you get the most of the apps your team uses, we also help you build the technology that connects these vital platforms and protects your data.

As you go forward, you’ll have insight into how your team is using SaaS platforms, enabling you to get the most from your subscriptions and to create onboarding and offboarding processes that protect your organization from needless expenses and data threats.

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Protect your data and your bottom line with Managed SaaS Ops.

The saas platforms that make life easier also can drain resources and invite data misuse. Managed saas ops keeps you safe.

The beauty of software as a service (SaaS) platforms for employees is the exact thing that makes them a nightmare for employers: They’re everywhere, and they’re extremely easy to integrate. That becomes an even bigger problem when you consider the costs that pile up and the security risks that mount any time your data is shared anew. And if you don’t know what’s in use, how can you restrict exiting employees from accessing it?

Not to worry: SaaS platforms are on the way out, and your worries will soon be over. You wish. These things are proliferating at warp speed. It wouldn’t be a surprise to learn that three dozen new SaaS platforms hit the market in the time it took for you to read this web page. The platforms aren’t going away, which means protecting your budget and data is up to you. That doesn’t mean you have to become a full-time SaaS watchdog. Finding a managed SaaS ops partner is an easier and more thorough solution.

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