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Resolve persistent IT issues and make informed decisions with Resultant, the choice of 200+ clients for IT-managed services.

Why choose Resultant as your IT Company in Dallas, Texas?

  • Gain swift access to expert IT support with our streamlined 4-week onboarding process.
  • Boost your business’ success with 15 years of IT know-how and a crew of certified experts by your side 24/7
  • Put an end to IT support delays. We respond in just 20 minutes for critical issues, ensuring speedy problem-solving
  • Optimize your IT operations with our full-service IT company offering hardware, software, & consulting services.
  • Get your data secured from cyber threats, thanks to our robust security measures in place.

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What You Gain By Working With Our IT Company

Managed IT Services

Experience smooth business operations with our complete IT infrastructure management. We customize solutions to guarantee dependability and superior monitoring.

Cloud Consulting

Overcome IT management challenges and drive digital transformation with scalable cloud solutions. Ensure smooth migration to the cloud with enhanced security and greater flexibility.


Gain total confidence with top-tier security services. Benefit from advanced firewalls, patch management, and advice from a Virtual Information Security Officer (vISO).

Information Technology Support

Receive 24/7 IT support from certified professionals, guaranteeing uninterrupted business operations at all times. This ensures your business always runs smoothly.

IT Helpdesk

Get 24/7 responsive, dependable support for end users, reducing ticket resolution time with our skilled helpdesk team always ready to assist.

Network Support

Enhance network performance with comprehensive support. This includes cabling, security, architecture, continuous monitoring, VPNs, wireless networks, and more.

IT Consulting

Align your business with expert IT guidance. A virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) provides help in planning, budgeting, roadmap creation, strategy and more.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Minimize the risks of data loss and corruption with proactive disaster recovery and backup services. Quickly resume operations after both natural and digital disruptions.

Compliance Services

Efficiently prepare for and clear audits with reliable compliance services. Receive specialized support for key regulations like CMMC, HIPAA, GDPR, PCI, and others.

Leverage the Benefits of Choosing Our IT Company

IT Company in Dallas

Your Single Source for IT: One Partner, One Invoice, Complete Solutions

Streamline your business operations by consolidating all IT services under one roof.

As your trusted Managed Service Provider, we deliver comprehensive services including across hardware, software, data, processes, people, and strategy.

Get a wide range of services in one place:

  • Managed IT services
  • Cybersecurity
  •  IT Consulting
  • Network Administration
  • Cloud services

This unified approach not only simplifies IT planning for growing businesses but also ensures efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Experience the ease of handling IT needs with a single invoice and one dedicated vendor.

IT Company in Dallas TX

Optimize IT with Our Premier MSI Delivery Model

Revolutionize your IT management with our unique Multisourcing Service Integration (MSI) model, specifically tailored for SMBs and Mid-Market companies.

This advanced approach streamlines coordination of all IT services across different providers, utilizing a singular management platform for operational excellence.

Enhance business efficiency and agility, as our MSI model brings a new level of governance and reporting to your IT landscape.

Our approach focuses on delivering a cohesive and integrated IT experience, ensuring that every aspect of your IT infrastructure works in cohesion, optimizing performance and reducing complexity.

Your IT, Expertly Managed

Trust in our 15-year track record of excellence in IT support.

Dallas IT Services Company

Excellence in Every Interaction: Defined SLAs for Your Peace of Mind

Ensure clarity and efficiency in every interaction. Our transparent Service Level Agreements (SLAs) set precise expectations, allowing clients to extract maximum value from each request.

These well-defined SLAs detail the scope and response strategies for various IT issues, ensuring no ambiguity in service delivery.

We guarantee a smooth transition and outstanding results, ensuring that your IT support experience is not just satisfactory but exemplary.

Experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing exactly what to expect and receiving exactly that, every time.

IT Company in Dallas

Streamlined Onboarding for Immediate IT Impact

Experience a seamless transition into our IT services with a structured onboarding process.

We guarantee a complete onboarding within 2-4 weeks, depending on your organization’s size.

Our dedicated kickoff process meticulously inventories your hardware and software, ensuring the deployment of industry best practices and robust cybersecurity controls.

This thorough approach is complemented by detailed documentation and a forward-looking strategy for your IT investments and upgrades.

Our commitment is to make this initial phase as efficient and impactful as possible, paving the way for a fruitful partnership.

Our Other IT Services in Dallas

  • Managed IT Services
  • IT Support
  • IT Helpdesk
  • IT Consulting
  • Cybersecurity
  • IT Outsourcing
  • Network Support

Frequently Asked Questions

Our IT services stand out by seamlessly integrating into your business process, particularly for medium and small businesses.

We offer solutions that are not only technologically advanced but also tailored to enhance efficiency and scalability, ensuring that your IT infrastructure grows with your business.

We ensure that every issue is addressed promptly and effectively, minimizing downtime and enhancing overall productivity.

Yes, absolutely. We provide specialized IT support for financial services, focusing on secure and compliant solutions.

Our expertise lies in understanding the unique challenges of the financial sector and delivering IT systems that streamline operations while adhering to industry regulations.

The cost of IT services can differ based on several factors, including the nature of services required, the intricacy of your IT setup, the user count, and the number of devices involved.

For a precise quote that fits your business’s individual needs, we recommend reaching out for a complimentary, customized consultation.

We ensure timely and effective IT support by employing a dedicated team of experts who are available 24/7.

We leverage advanced technology and a streamlined process to quickly address and resolve issues, ensuring minimal downtime for our clients.

Our commitment to rapid response and quality service is at the core of our customer satisfaction approach.

Yes, Resultant specializes in cloud computing support. We provide comprehensive solutions ranging from cloud migration to management and security.

Our expert team ensures seamless integration and optimized performance, helping businesses leverage the full potential of cloud technology for enhanced efficiency, scalability, and data accessibility. Our services are tailored to meet the unique needs of each client.