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Stewart and Louonna at Whiteboard

A lot of organizations get by; very few thrive. The difference? Healthy organizations—those who know exactly who they are and why they exist—have the clarity not just to define their strategy but make it happen through accountability, trust, openness, and communication. They’re consistent and disciplined, and they’re aligned toward a mission.

Clients across industries come to us when they’ve struggled to progress and when they’ve achieved their goals and are ready to reach the next level. They come to us when change has overwhelmed the organization, after a merger, or when succession planning becomes a priority. In those cases—and many more—we help teams define and grow toward their most effective future.

Stewart and Louonna at Whiteboard

We’re proud to help organizations thrive, and we’d love to tell you more.

We’re proud to help organizations thrive, and we’d love to tell you more.

Our Approach

A radically different approach to consulting means creating solutions alongside our clients. We’re not into looking smart for its own sake or feeding our egos. We don’t have all the answers. We do have a passion for helping—for studying the organizational philosophies we admire, learning everything we can about our clients, and helping them break through old patterns toward greatness.

We approach every partnership, and every challenge, with empathy. We know that people make the organization—and that transformation creates vulnerability before it builds strength. Our process begins with discovery—asking a lot of questions, challenging ways of thinking, and saying the things too long left unsaid. And it creates a healthy, thriving culture that sends your organization soaring.

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When it comes to aligning processes, our team works with clients who need help improving outcomes. We provide a range of services which help ensure that every process within your organization is working to its optimal ability. Whether you’re looking to streamline the way orders are processed or to change the manner in which new products are developed, we can help you reach your goals.

Process discovery and assessment is a way to figure out what makes your business work the way it does and where improvements are possible. We’ll work to uncover hidden inefficiencies and identify areas ripe for automated interventions.

Workflow optimization is the act of breaking your business down into its most basic parts and then working on optimizing each piece of that business so that it can run as efficiently and effectively as possible. Workflow optimization is all about taking a top-down approach to your business and using your data and personnel to make it run more effectively.

A software stack is your organizations’ set of software products and tools used to run and operate your overall business. These products combine to allow your business to optimally function. We’ll take the time to evaluate your current solutions and then map existing and new programs into your updated workflows, taking advantage of automation opportunities where possible.

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You’ll need a well-thought-out strategy to make the complex and cultural changes that are required to meet your goals. Utilizing our team’s expertise and proven experience, we’ll work to identify a plan and roll-out strategy that works for your team. By working with our specialists, you’ll build trust, align your teams, and address conflicts and anxieties that could potentially derail your new optimized workflows.

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“We didn’t have the experience to do it alone. Resultant took the time to understand our culture and understand who the City of Fishers was—what we were trying to do and accomplish—and then came right along with us, which is what allowed us to be successful.”

Scott Fadness Mayor, City of Fishers

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