Enhancing Company Culture Through Design Thinking

Innovative ideas and out-of-the-box thinking are not random acts. In fact, at Resultant, we live and breathe the belief that there exists a systematic approach to creativity and big ideas—and that we can leverage this technique to help our clients better understand their challenges and then work together to build tailored solutions for their unique challenges. What is this game-changing approach? It’s called Design Thinking, and it’s infused into our approach to delivering the best solutions to our clients’ most pressing needs, as well as how we’ve architected our organizational culture and business practices.

Resultant CEO Mark Caswell sat down with trueU to discuss how Design Thinking can be a powerful force for enhancing company culture.

Key Takeaways about Using Design Thinking to Enhance Company Culture

What is Design Thinking and Why Should Companies Adopt This Approach?

A definition of Design Thinking: a philosophy and a method for systematically creating innovative solutions for problems with the goal of developing the best possible solution.

Some problems can be solved in traditional ways, but the “answer” may not be the best for that specific situation. Beginning with empathy to develop innovative solutions can help us move beyond the status quo.

There is a philosophical aspect of Design Thinking. When you let go of the past, of what’s been done before and when you open your mind to the universe of possibilities, you have the ability to gain innovative insights that were not immediately obvious.

“A lot of people think that innovation is this magical thing that happens, but the reality is that innovation happens in a very methodical way, and it walks you through empathy for people who you are truly solving problems for.”

Mark Caswell, CEO

How Design Thinking Enhances a Company Culture:

Design Thinking takes inputs from anywhere

During the brainstorming phase of trying to address cultural needs within an organization, there are no wrong answers and everyone can contribute. This open atmosphere of “Yes, and…” helps build unity among teams, leaders, and employees and gets to better solutions.

Measure inputs and analyze data

Understanding employees and teams requires more than weekly one-on-one and all-hands meetings. Understanding is about measuring employee sentiment, gauging engagement, and consideration of the team member lifecycle. All of this requires data and insight into that data to get a full picture of what is happening. Only accurately measured datasets can help organizations develop a full understanding.

“It’s not the kind of thing you can invent the day after you hear a problem, but those organizations that really invested in data and information and cultures associated with using it have a bit of a leg up.”

Mark Caswell

Good company culture embraces Design Thinking with distributed leadership

A strong, flexible, and mission-oriented culture is demonstrated when people know how to make good decisions for the organization, regardless if the CEO is in the room or not. This kind of culture can turn into a financially tangible asset.

Learn more about Design Thinking and its applicability for company culture enhancement by listening to the full trueU podcast featuring Resultant CEO Mark Caswell.



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