Reimagining Work at Resultant for the COVID-19 Era and Beyond

Pre-pandemic, Resultant was a company of 195 people working in two Indianapolis locations. Today, Resultant is a multi-state company with more than 260 employees. As a growing organization that thrives on finding and implementing innovative solutions for clients, our work style is highly collaborative. Our people always enjoyed the sense of community that comes from being in close physical proximity to one another. However, as COVID-19 began making its way across state lines, we realized that we needed to quickly rethink our entire employee experience while still delivering great work for our clients. Through intentional communication and change management, we were able to not only transition our employees to remote work overnight, but coach our clients through their own transitions as well.

Culture and experience matter more now

In this TechPoint Index article from September, Resultant Chief Operating Officer Natalie Litera shares how our Resultant has kept maintaining a strong sense of culture was one of our top priorities, finding ways to engage and delight employees despite the challenge of not being able to be in the same place.

Focused on redesigning instead of just returning

As leaders begin reimagining what it looks like to work at their organizations in the future, we encourage them to consider a few key factors, explained in more detail in this TechPoint article.

  • Involve employees in the process.
  • Gather data.
  • View it as an opportunity to build something new.

Read more in “Reimaging Work for the COVID-19 Era and Beyond” by Natalie Litera.



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