Design Thinking’s Role in Enhancing Company Culture

At Resultant, we understand that behind every business problem sits a person experiencing it firsthand. That’s why we’ve incorporated Design Thinking and leading with empathy into our culture and our approach to work, providing training and workshop facilitation to clients and organizations for community initiatives.

Design Thinking is a solution-based approach to problem solving that emphasizes practical, creative thought with the goal of developing the best possible solution. Following the five-step methodology—empathize, define, ideate, prototype, and test—Design Thinking provides a framework for creative problem solving. Our team, starting with Mark Caswell, CEO, finds value in it daily and works to share its value with the world through trainings, workshops, discussion, and thought leadership.

Design Thinking and Company Culture

Learn more about Design Thinking and our thoughts on this innovative approach to problem solving in the articles below:

2020 Innovation Issue: “Design Thinking Puts Users at Center of Development”

“The best way to learn design thinking is to just do design thinking. Just try it. You can’t mess it up. And even if you mess it up, that’s all part of the process, anyway.”

Read the full Indianapolis Business Journal article by Marc D. Allan.

2020 Innovation Issue: “Mark Caswell on Using Design Thinking to Build the Culture You Want”

“Design thinking first helps you think about solving problems in the right way. It shows you how to let go of bias, think about things in innovative ways, and understand the root problems you are trying to solve. It then outlines a method for you to follow to solve them.”

Read the full Indianapolis Business Journal article by Mark Caswell.

trueU Podcast: “Using Design Thinking to Enhance Culture”

“If you’re going to solve a problem, first recognize you’re solving a problem for people because that’s what’s matters… seek to really, truly, deeply, and fundamentally understand them; not how you wish they were, but how they actually are.”

Listen to the 31-minute podcast.

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