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Revenue, Management, and Budget Consulting

Keeping financial and human capital management under control within a complex environment is a challenge on its own. Making it work in the face of political and economic shifts outside your agency can become especially daunting. As an objective partner with long experience in government, our Public Sector revenue, management, and budget consulting team brings perspective—and the technology, data, and process expertise to help you get the resource views you need to answer difficult questions. 

Agencies come to us when they need greater clarity to improve program outcomes, financial reporting, expense management, or help solving business and operational problems. We help solve their most complex challenges through engaged partnership that applies technical excellence and a collaborative process to achieve positive outcomes for people.

Revenue, Management, and Budget Consulting

We’re proud to help organizations thrive, and we’d love to tell you more.

We’re proud to help organizations thrive, and we’d love to tell you more.

Our Approach

Where other consultants see limitations, we find opportunity. Within every resource constraint, every data-sharing blockade, every entrenched process lies the chance to innovate. We help agencies find every opportunity to realize their intended program outcomes, no matter how complex their problem or environment, and we do it by bringing objective insight and agency experience to collaboration.

Your project team will include experts with education and experience in data, technology, finance, and policy—earnest partners who own your project and deliver your solution.

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Experience and Expertise

We’ve been working in the public sector as long as we’ve been around, meeting complex revenue, management, and budget challenges with profound technical and analytical expertise.

We worked with a state to bring better visibility, openness, and accountability in the government by developing a financial transparency portal. It includes information about agency budgets, state contracts, performance measures, employee salaries, and local government finances. We delivered critical features of the portal, including data quality support and database support for visualization.

What gets measured matters. This is just as true in government as it is in other contexts. Working in a state with a strong history of data-driven decision making, we updated KPI metrics for all government agencies in Indiana to align with the outcomes agencies exist to achieve (rather than simply the activities they performed) and automated metric generation from agency source systems. Agency and government leadership now can rely on an accurate, dependable, and objective dashboard to quantify current performance and optimize investment for targeted improvement.

We utilize advanced data analytics, including anomaly detection, machine learning, probabilistic record linkage, natural language processing, and others. A solution that maximizes revenue relies on four elements that become tailored to distinct agency data sources and goals:

  • Identity verification forms the core of fraud detection and relies on advanced analytical approaches as well as merging large disparate datasets.
  • Accounting-based rules identify basic anomalies through a foundation of ratio-based and logical rules fine-tuned in collaboration with your analysts.
  • Automation of past successes identifies new instances of related fraud by utilizing machine learning to flag similar activity.
  • Continuous adaptation keeps you ahead of fraudsters with minimal maintenance by utilizing graph theory to automate detection.

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