Unemployment Insurance Fraud Prevention

UI fraud has caused astronomical losses, but it doesn't have to be status quo.

How We Help

With a true partner in UI fraud prevention, detection reaches further.

Through innovative machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies, agencies can now ingest and react to disparate data sources in real time, detecting new fraud techniques and suspicious patterns more quickly. Previously undetectable fraud is caught with systems that constantly learn to identify and categorize it quickly and accurately. Agencies save significant dollars and, by weeding out false claims, devote their precious resources to the authentic claims that need it most.

Unemployment insurance fraud detection will always be a burden, and a one-dimensional approach just won’t cut it in today’s complex environment.

Impact Story

Vermont Receives Support and Achieves Clarity to Better Serve UI Constituents

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Our Approach

Implementing the right tools and processes dramatically improves efficiency for unemployment benefit departments.

Our teams start with a comprehensive, detailed, end-to-end assessment to figure out how to best marry available technology to the work that only your staff can do. This evaluation looks deeply into current toolsets, processes, and human resource allocation, providing a comprehensive overview of the current state and a detailed plan for implementation.

In the implementation phase, we work with department stakeholders to integrate technology, ensuring the right fit for each organization and IT infrastructure. Our team's experience with the vast array of available tools ensures that we’ll get just the right fit no matter which legacy systems or processes are in place. As new systems come online, we work with leaders and teams to map new and improved workflows, triaging processes and automating repetitive tasks to create dramatic improvements in resource utilization.


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