Expanded collaboration with impeccable security.

Sharing data presents tremendous potential that has historically been outweighed by the challenges of keeping data secure and maintaining its integrity. Opportunities for analysis and collaboration have been lost in the interest of protecting information.

Our Collaborative Research Environment (CoRE) makes data more accessible without putting it at risk, providing a secure environment for sharing, collaboration, and analysis. 

We’re proud to help organizations thrive, and we’d love to tell you more.

We’re proud to help organizations thrive, and we’d love to tell you more.

Our Approach

Our teams of project managers, data scientists, and engineers understand your challenges. Dealing with mismatched datasets, non-standard APIs, legacy systems, and cross-agency politics can mean the insights needed to make informed decisions never get uncovered, because the data needed to connect the dots doesn’t get brought together. We delve deeply into your existing technology and data environment to craft solutions that bring greater transparency and collaboration.

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A safer way to get more from data

CoRE offers an intuitive user experience and greater security than traditional approaches like data rooms, flat file extracts, or segregated database access.

  • Researchers can quickly discover available datasets through a searchable metadata catalog.
  • Initial data access requires approval and is limited to the approved project duration, with potential to moderate specific uses.
  • A streamlined data use agreement workflow makes data request approval dramatically faster.
  • Data can’t be extracted without a second, user-specific approval.
  • Approved users may analyze data through open source tools or utilize their own analytical software licenses.
  • Code storage, collaboration, and re-use across projects result in better quality data analysis results—more quickly than ever.

Configurable for your organization

CoRE is a scalable solution comprised of two elements that can be utilized independently or together.

  1. The data access module is a cloud-based web application that provides an intuitive user interface through which analysts can more easily discover and request access to datasets. It provides access to a searchable metadata catalog and the ability to create and manage projects.
  2. The secure virtual analytic environment accommodates sophisticated analysis of secure datasets, enabling project-based collaboration through a bring-your-own-license model. Real-time use of the platform scales your solution to ensure you pay your cloud provider only for the resources you use.

CoRE has facilitated these and other solutions

Secure Collaboration for Indiana COVID Research

Indiana’s Management Performance Hub deployed the solution on March 19, 2020, only 14 days after Indiana confirmed its first case of COVID-19. The solution would prove crucial to the State of Indiana’s COVID-19 response for the same reasons it would revolutionize sensitive data-sharing and analysis for the State of Indiana: It unlocked speedy and secure collaboration while facilitating complex modeling and machine learning.

  • Complete transparency surrounding the analysis and use of sensitive data, including administrative oversight and approval of any exports from the environment
  • Prevention of unauthorized access to data by segregating an individual’s access to specific projects within the environment
  • Facilitation of joint data analysis from multiple sources by diverse analysts in a secure manner
  • Acceleration of advanced analysis through the use of best-in-class data science and analytical tools
  • Ability to share both analysis and code securely
  • Scalability of number of users and data volume becomes practically infinite by dynamically adjusting capacities to meet computational needs in near-real time

Collaborative Health and Human Services Data Analysis

Delivered a solution that enables HHS to easily share data across agencies and securely collaborate on analysis.

  • Increased data asset comprehension and management for data owners
  • The ability to monitor user behavior and use of the environment
  • Researchers can easily discover relevant datasets from multiple sources
  • Facilitates collaborative analysis by disparate researchers
  • Streamlined execution of data share agreements quickly enables data access
  • Scalable, cloud-based environment ensures optimal computing power while minimizing cloud-hosting fees
  • Data analysis is conducted in a secure, locked-down environment

Substance Use Disorder Awareness, Treatment, and Prevention for Indiana’s Drug Data Working Group

Created a fast, high-quality mechanism for data sharing across the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) and the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health (OASH); facilitated assessment of state capacity to treat narcotic dependance by analyzing the number of eligible providers, the prevalence of individuals with substance use disorders and whether these individuals are receiving treatment, and factors influencing their paths.

  • Creation of a multi-agency workgroup focused on opioid-related data analysis
  • Multiple agencies can quickly share data
  • Facilitation of analysis in a collaborative environment leads to new insights

Immunization Coverage Across the Country

The nation’s immunized population can now be characterized by location, vaccination type, age, and race; nationwide immunization visibility provides the grantee, vaccine manufacturer, trade name, date of production, lot number, valid vaccination dose, and provider; and county, state, zip code, date of birth, gender, and race of the recipient (or refuser).

  • Consolidated state and immunization jurisdiction datasets to provide the CDC with nationwide coverage analysis.
  • Developed a consistent and efficient workflow offering insight into efficacy of program funding distribution.
  • Automated data import, de-duplication, and normalization to conserve CDC resources for reallocation to high-level initiatives.

Future CoRE Use Case Possibilities

CoRE’s unique two-module functionality of the Data Access Module and the Secure Analytical Environment is the only solution on the market that addresses the entire pipeline: data discovery, data use agreement execution, a secure and collaborative environment, and data export approvals.

Use cases have illustrated how data from disparate sources can come together; be analyzed in a collaborative environment while maintaining compliance and protecting privacy; and reveal greater understanding that leads to life-changing insights, programs, and policy changes.

Clinical and social determinant datasets can be combined to better predict adverse health outcomes. Personal health, public safety, and corrections data can connect to project risk and drive course correction. Diverse stakeholder groups can come together on global issues. CoRE is the most effective tool available for states to utilize to address their biggest challenges:

  • Infant mortality
  • Recidivism
  • Addiction
  • Workforce strength
  • Education paths
  • Preparing for the next pandemic

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