WhereScape Rapid Start Services

Get the most from WhereScape with expert configuration and implementation assistance.

How We Help

Looking for support for your WhereScape implementation?

Hit the ground running. Resultant’s WhereScape Rapid Start is a focused four-day, onsite engagement that ensures your WhereScape implementation delivers everything you want. Our team assists yours with installation and configuration of WhereScape and configuration of source system connectivity and load tables.

This service is right for your organization if:

  • You're new to WhereScape or have an installation but need help to make headway
  • You have WhereScape but aren't sure whether best practices are being followed
  • You have a new team or division getting started with WhereScape
  • You want to upgrade WhereScape to a newer release

Impact Story

Major U.S. Healthcare Payor Drives Analytics Transformation Through Cloud Data Warehouse

What's Included

WhereScape Training Deliverables

The WhereScape Rapid Start engagement can be tailored to fit your unique needs. A typical engagement includes:

  • Initial WhereScape installation assistance
  • Development repository environment setup
  • Development target database setup within WhereScape repository
  • Source system connections in WhereScape (with corresponding DSNs)
  • WhereScape Scheduler setup & test—UAT & production repository environment setup
  • Overview of key best practices (naming conventions, ELT strategies, etc.)
  • Testing of at least one load table from each source system to target database
  • Sample ELT workflow to data store and dimension based on best practices

Ready to learn more?

Find out what WhereScape can bring to your organization with a product demo. Our team will tailor a presentation to your needs and desired outcomes. Learn about your options for implementation, pricing, training, and more while finding answers to all of your WhereScape questions from our experts.


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