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Get instant business value through automated, accurate, and lightning-fast predictive analytics.

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Harness the power of machine learning with InstantML.

Get instant predictive value to make informed decisions and improve processes. InstantML goes beyond automated machine learning by enabling users to build and deploy a predictive model in a single step through Tangent Information Modeler (TIM).

InstantML helps you achieve in seconds what used to take data scientists weeks or months. Its powerful predictive capability enables users to adjust to changing conditions in real time by creating an early warning system to detect when things deviate from normal.

InstantML makes AI-enabled forecasting easy, accurate, and fast for all types of businesses.

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Gain a Competitive Edge in Forecasting with Tangent Works

Are these issues all too familiar?

  • Moving AI and ML projects to production creates a huge struggle.
  • Changing business environments cause data drifts and render ML models obsolete.
  • Leveraging ML to bring business value still hasn't panned out.

"Those that are fast to adopt AI and ML in their organizations will outperform their peers by 122% over the next 10 years."

— McKinsey

TIM Solution

Gain forecasting capacity through automated predictive analytics.

Get to production faster with the predictive analytics capabilities of TIM. Time series analysis used to create difficult challenges because of its dynamic nature , which created obstacles to the forecasting and anomaly detection that can drive insight.

TIM helps users leverage their data cost-effectively and generate accurate predictive models. TIM delivers automation and speed, and it removes a lot of the complexity of data science to provide easy-to-use AI for scalable, dynamic, real-time applications.

Integrate TIM into your analytics ecosystem.

Use TIM to get even more insights and results from the technologies and platforms you already use. Tangent Works is committed to make the TIM solution available in world-class platforms, enabling a range of users to benefit from advanced time series analysis, namely forecasting and anomaly detection. TIM is available as an extension in various BA and BI platforms.


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