Why Companies Use Managed Service Providers (MSP)

Requests for IT help pile up because your in-house team is spread too thin—or you don’t have one.

Employees experience reduced productivity and even downtime because of it. Meanwhile, there’s no chance to implement strategic changes while you’re firmly fixed in damage control mode. Sound familiar?

Partnering with the right managed services provider could solve your problems and bring back peace of mind regardless of the size of your organization and your internal IT team.

Managed services are outsourced business management and administrative responsibilities, particularly IT support. Smaller businesses find that an IT managed services provider can help keep them ahead of the competition in a way that surpasses what they’d be able to afford with an in-house team. Even larger companies benefit from the expertise and attention an IT MSP brings to their organization. Rapid growth, staffing challenges, and the speed of technology advancements can put any company at a disadvantage when trying to handle all their IT needs on their own.

What Do Managed Service Providers Do?

Managed service providers, or MSPs, provide services that require expert management, execution, and continual maintenance that can often become a burden on leadership to facilitate internally. MSPs work to keep systems running smoothly and securely, handling day-to-day issues and working to reduce risks and prevent future problems.

At Resultant, every managed services partnership is customized to meet the client’s exact needs, tackle their specific challenges, and enable long-term growth. Our services include infrastructure support, network management, maintenance, monitoring, cybersecurity, and more, allowing our partners to avoid expensive shutdowns, security issues, and maintenance problems with proactive attention.

Abundant Reasons for MSP Partnerships

Organizations may find themselves seeking an IT MSP for numerous reasons. Many small businesses who don’t have the budget for an in-house IT department find they can still reap the competitive advantages of IT expertise by outsourcing those services. Larger companies can employ their internal IT departments on more strategic initiatives knowing that the day-to-day operations are covered by an MSP.

Bringing in a partner like Resultant helps our clients stay focused, access expertise, keep their information safe, find quick-response support, control costs, and prevent disasters.

Reason #1: The Ability to Stay Focused

Growth, a main goal of most companies, can be the very development that pulls focus from other business objectives. When organizational growth outpaces the abilities of either an internal IT department or an outsourced provider with a “break-fix” service model to support it, progress can come to a grinding halt.

Outages inhibit employee productivity. IT employees and providers that are only putting out fires can’t devote skill and energy to strategic implementations that will further goals. And when you have apps that don’t support what you’re trying to accomplish, you’ll be surpassed by competitors that do.

All of it pulls focus from the target. Distractions are costly. The right managed services partner keeps your team productive and aligned with your goals.

Reason #2: Access to Expertise

Technology is constantly evolving, but an IT team always tending to the next technology dumpster fire doesn’t have time to expand their skillsets. As technology accelerates, your team needs additional expertise.

Through a managed service provider, you gain access to a team of IT experts that can help guide short-term and long-term technology strategies.

With Resultant as your IT MSP, you’ll not only have access to that expertise, but also to team members with vast experience in your field. Every industry has a unique landscape and set of challenges. You deserve a technology strategy implemented by team members that can navigate them efficiently and effectively.

Reason #3: Security and Compliance

Connectivity is essential for collaboration but can leave you vulnerable with security gaps as technology advances. Constant security threats can harm your reputation and your finances.

An IT MSP prevents security breaches through a comprehensive cyberthreat mitigation strategy. The right partner can work with your legal team to ensure appropriate protocol implementation that keeps you fully compliant with current and emerging government regulations.

Reason #4: Reliability and Support

Resultant offers 24/7/365 support, meaning your dedicated IT team will be there no matter what happens, whenever it happens. Partnering with us means you get access to a reliable IT team, enabling you to become more reliable to all stakeholders who depend on you.

With a dedicated on-call IT MSP team, your clients and customers will never be left hanging because a system broke down and you didn’t have the resources to fix it quickly. A managed services team is a reliable resource to keep your organization stable.

Reason #5: Controlling Costs

If part of your IT system fails and you either didn’t budget for repairs or don’t have support to resolve it in a timely manner, it usually leads to costs that spiral out of control. An IT MSP partnership is based on a fixed monthly fee, which allows you to budget easily and consistently.

There won’t be a sudden unexpected expense, unnecessary downtime, or lost productivity when an issue occurs because the dedicated IT team will be there to fix the problem quickly.

Constant monitoring and maintenance means support is proactive rather than reactive. Instead of your team figuring out workarounds for the next technology crisis, our team simply identifies and fixes concerns that arise before they have time to affect your bottom line.

Reason #6: Disaster Prevention

One of the greatest benefits an MSP offers is the preventive approach. Proactive strategy mitigates risk, reduces vulnerabilities, and cuts down issues before they have a chance to do damage. Your dedicated IT department will always monitor your systems, resolving any issues well before they become a crisis.

Our team provides IT assessments to discover what is working and what isn't so that we can develop a plan that streamlines systems. Your technology should always enable you to stay focused and keep up with your goals.

Getting Started

It's important to navigate the search for an MSP at your own pace. The right partner matters and there are many qualities to vet when seeking one. Ensuring the MSP offers services, skillsets, and qualifications that match your unique needs is a process worthy of the time you spend doing it thoroughly. We offer a downloadable eBook that can help you find and choose the right IT managed services partner.

A free, no-obligation consultation before committing to an MSP is both wise and helpful for your selection process. You can contact the Resultant team by calling us or connecting to learn more. We want the best for your organization, even if that isn't us.

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