Working with Nonprofit Organizations to Fulfill Their Mission and Ours

Passion seeks passion, and that’s why working with nonprofit organizations has been a big part of who we are since Day 1. Our passion for building data and technology solutions stems from a deeper alignment with our core beliefs as an organization as described in our mission statement: helping our clients, coworkers and communities thrive.

In our work with hundreds of nonprofit clients over the years, we’ve seen first-hand the synergies between their missions and ours—a shared devotion to helping make communities stronger and healthier. We’re proud that these shared values have led to a lot of great, long-lasting relationships (and solutions we’re proud of).

It also has taught us that navigating the challenges of nonprofit organizations requires specialized knowledge beyond how to keep the technology humming along.

Finding solutions to all parts of the problem

The difficult truth, of course, is that passion drives so much nonprofit work not only because it’s meaningful but because passion is an essential force for overcoming the challenges inherent in a world where fundraising, grant-writing, volunteer management, reporting, and board management create their own kinds of difficulties.

“If you have to choose between spending a dollar to help someone in need or spending a dollar on a new server, it can be a difficult choice,” said Senior Solutions Architect Ryan Gould. “Part of what we do is help remove the hurdle of the financial burden of good technology solutions. When we’re helping match clients with grants, offering incentives, and leveraging our partnerships, they can invest more in the people and communities they serve.”

Technology needs are relatively similar no matter whether you’re selling yoga classes, building complex machinery, or ensuring survivors of domestic violence get emotional support and legal assistance. There’s often a long road from suggesting a solution to implementing it, and that’s where the difference appears: We operate as if our client’s problem were our own, and so wherever funding is part of that problem, we lean into our experience, creativity, and commitment to helping. Combining our technology energies with our nonprofit clients’ dedication leads to solutions even where problems are thorniest, and we stay in tune with developing needs and potential issues to provide proactive support.

Helping nonprofits stay nimble

Recently, our work with nonprofit organizations has meant helping a lot of these clients address the pandemic. That was the case with the Fathers and Families Center, an organization we’ve worked with since 2013 through IT managed services, strategic advice, and consulting around large initiatives such as cloud migration, and expanding the Center’s infrastructure to have the capacity to support high school equivalency testing within its facility.

In March 2020, when COVID-19 prevented in-person classes, we delivered several solutions to Fathers and Families within days of the team beginning remote operations. We provided remote desktop support, updated Fathers and Families Center’s network infrastructure, and helped move important programming to remote classes using Zoom.

“Resultant provides us value by supporting our computer and IT assisted needs so that we can support our fathers out in the community,” said Gordon Flick, controller for Fathers and Families Center. “One thing that I have always appreciated about the Resultant team is their patience and their willingness to create different strategic solutions—to find the one that will work the best for us.”

If you’d like to learn more about the important work of Fathers and Families Center, or if you would like to donate, visit And if you’d like to talk through your own technology issues, we’re always right here.



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