How to Make a Strategic Move to the Cloud

The cloud offers significant advantages for businesses when properly implemented. This compilation of resources is meant to meet you where you are, whether you are determining if the cloud is right for your organization, which cloud solution will meet your business objectives, when the right time to move is, or who is the best partner to help you through the transition. Review these steps to ensure a seamless transition to the cloud. 

Step 1: Weigh the Decision to Move to the Cloud 

The first step is to determine if a move to the cloud is right for your organization. In this blog post, understand the pros and cons of security, accessibility, scalability, reliability, and more of moving your IT infrastructure to the cloud. 

Step 2: Find the Right Cloud Solution 

Once you have made the strategic decision to move to the cloud, the next step is to find the cloud solution that best fits your organization. Not only must you determine if a hybrid infrastructure or full transition to the cloud is best for your organization, you must also find and select the right product. 

Our Business Technology team has found that often, Office 365 is the ideal cloud productivity solution for organizations. To further understand what it looks like to make the transition to Office 365, review this blog post on the six steps our team has developed to ensure a successful implementation of Office 365. 

Step 3: Address Commonly Overlooked Considerations 

While cloud solutions are a great fit for the modern business, businesses must ensure they have all the information necessary to make an effective decision about a move to the cloud. In our experience, there are three commonly overlooked considerations including hidden costs and savings, choosing how much to buy, and dealing with ambiguous terminology. This blog post provides tips on how to avoid these commonly overlooked considerations.

Step 4: Determine the Right Time to Move to the Cloud 

Many businesses are faced with the question of when the right time is to move to the cloud. This blog postcovers common reasons that signify the right time to transition to the cloud. For many businesses, the right time may be due to business-size variation, risk avoidance, profitability, or differentiation. 

Step 5: Select the Right Partner 

You have made the decision to move to the cloud, developed the right cloud solution, understand commonly overlooked considerations, and have determined the right time to make the transition. The final step is ensuring you find the right partner for a seamless transition. 

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, our Business Technology team specializes in assisting clients make the transition to the cloud beginning with upfront strategic guidance and finishing with a successful implementation. Having migrated over 100 clients to the cloud, the team was honored as the Microsoft 2016 US SMB Champions Club Midwest Cloud Partner of the Year. If you are interested in determining if the cloud is right for your organization, contact our team



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