Data Modeling Automation Expands AlixPartners’ Reach and Impact

Global management consultancy AlixPartners helps large companies make critical, needle-moving decisions during pivotal, disruptive times. When they wanted to streamline their own process to reach more customers faster, they called on Resultant for help.

Data modeling: The heart of the process

The heart of AlixPartners’ skill at serving their clients lies in their data modeling process. Since companies come to them specifically for help making the best decisions, AlixPartners helps them visualize and consider different scenarios based on potential variables. They’re adept not only at knowing what data to gather, but also at how to execute data modeling to get the most accurate predictions and make the best recommendations.

But there was a bottleneck: Because the process was so nuanced and steeped in the nitty-gritty of data science, only a few consultants could do it. They had to be skilled coders and needed to build everything from scratch. The process was time-consuming and forced consultants to divide their focus between client outcomes and the programming required to envision them.

Automation enables better customization

Nobody wanted to take the skill and nuance completely out of the initial engagement with prospective clients—they wanted to be able to standardize the bulk of the process so that skill and nuance could be directed at the part that really matters, thereby improving results, reducing the timeline, and increasing the number of clients they could serve.

We worked closely with AlixPartners to deeply understand their customers, their process, and their algorithms and began iterations that we presented back to their teams for feedback. The result is an automation tool worth reading about.

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