Top 10 Blog Posts of 2016

As the end of 2016 approaches, we’re looking back at how we’ve served our clients. Following is a list of the most popular articles on the Resultant blog in 2016.

  1. Five Differentiators of Great Project Management: Our belief is that great project managers don’t just manage a project; they lead it. To stand out, project managers should possess the five qualities detailed in this post.
  2. Meet Our People: Readers enjoyed getting to know the people of Resultant in our Meet Our People blog series that included Joe Rust, Tom Considine, Ryan Gould, Megan Bailey and Joe Kaltenthaler, Jessica Menke, and Ryan Achterberg.
  3. Five Characteristics of Fearless Problem Solvers: At Resultant, we are fearless problem solvers. This combination of attributes results in great solutions to our clients’ most challenging problems.
  4. Thursday Throwdowns – Encouraging Employee Collaboration: We believe employee collaboration leads to the delivery of great service to our clients. To fuel employee relationships —and, frankly, have some fun—we launched the signature Resultant Thursday Throwdowns in 2014.
  5. How to Select the Right Business Intelligence Tool: Finding the right business intelligence tool is no simple task. Organizations can use the considerations listed in this post as a starting point to narrowing the search for the best tool to meet its needs.
  6. Day in the Life: What is a day in the life like for a Resultant data scientist or a Resultant project manager? Our Day in the Life series addressed these specific questions.
  7. US SMB Champions Club Midwest Cloud Partner of the Year: Resultant was announced as the Microsoft 2016 US SMB Champions Club Midwest Cloud Partner of the Year at the annual Microsoft World Partner Conference.
  8. The Cloud Solution for Real Estate Management and Development: Working with several clients in this industry, our technology team has found that a cloud solution such as Office 365 offers the necessary tools and technology for a business to function at its best.
  9. Fighting Hunger for Community Day 2016: We teamed up with Katz, Sapper & Miller for their annual day of community service.
  10. How to Make a Strategic Move to the Cloud: This compilation of resources is meant to meet you where you are, whether you are determining if the cloud is right for your organization, which cloud solution will meet your business objectives, when the right time to move is, or who is the best partner to help you through the transition.



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