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A Day in the Life of a Resultant Data Engineer

Data Engineers are pivotal for complex data projects, mastering and managing data through its life cycle. They’re also highly in demand—not just at Resultant, but globally, with thousands of new jobs projected over the next decade.

What does the life of a Resultant Data Engineer look like?

Saurabh Ghanekar, Data Engineer, shares the inside scoop about this key role on the Resultant Data team.

Cutting-Edge Technologies

Day-to-day work at Resultant is diverse. Saurabh is quick to note that there isn’t a true “typical” day, but what is consistent is the team’s work with cutting-edge technologies. They regularly combine the most advanced software, languages, and tools to create modern data solutions. Whether a client is looking for ways to better collect, store, transform, or get the most out of their data, this skilled team delivers.

Deep In The Weeds

One of Saurabh’s favorite things about the Data team is their passion for getting “deep in the weeds” of the work. No one is afraid to get their hands dirty and solve a problem, including senior team members. It’s not uncommon to see a leader roll up their sleeves and get to work. In fact, Saurabh observes most of them love doing that just as much as any other part of their role.

Meaningful Client Challenges

Being client-focused is a top Resultant value, and the data team lives it every day. Saurabh explains that the client’s needs are at the forefront of their work. Being able to solve meaningful challenges is one of the things he finds most rewarding at Resultant, and he and other team members find encouragement in doing impactful work.

Big Picture Problem Solving

Data Engineers at Resultant are able to dig into big picture problems, not just compartmentalized pieces of the puzzle. That doesn’t mean they don’t find themselves working on smaller sets of problems within a project, but it does mean that the bigger picture – the client’s desired outcome – is the ongoing goal, and team members function as a whole to tackle the challenge.

Opportunities For Continued Learning

Saurabh shares that learning new technologies continues to be an important part of his career. For him, learning Python—a language with increased importance in data science—, and Neo4j—the leading graph database—have been significant for his growth as a data engineer. He’s been working to grow that skillset since day one at Resultant.

Overall, professional growth is a fundamental part of the Resultant Data career. New opportunities to expand one’s knowledge happen every day, whether it’s reviewing the basics of a coding language or learning how to use key technology like Kubernetes, Docker, Postgres, or other database and development tools.

The Data Analytics team as a whole has a collaborative approach to development and problem-solving. If someone is stuck on a problem, they don’t hesitate to connect with another team member. Mentoring relationships are encouraged—and they’re not dependent on job title or seniority. Saurabh explains it’s not always a senior team member who is offering the expertise; if someone is junior and more experienced in an area, they fill a mentor-type role to the team. Embracing an open culture of support allows them to regularly boost each others’ skill sets.

Thank you to Saurabh for sharing insights about the life of a Resultant Data Engineer!

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