2019: Year in Review (The Year of Intention)

This past year was full of challenging and meaningful work, community-building, and, most of all, intentional growth. As we enter 2020, here’s a look at the changes, people, projects, and events that made 2019 such an exceptional year at Resultant.

2019: A Big Year at Resultant

Resultant Acquisition and New CEO

In April, Resultant announced our acquisition by Renovus Capital Partners. The acquisition was a strategic move supporting the company’s growth, allowing us to commit even deeper to what we do best: fearless problem solving through empathy, client-focused work, and deep expertise in the fields of IT, data, software development, and more. This new chapter also came with the appointment of Mark Caswell as our CEO and leader for this exciting next phase.

Building Application Development Resources

Acknowledging a growing client-need for application support, Resultant acquired Connect Think, an Indianapolis-based applications development company. This acquisition expanded our Business Applications team, helping us to offer in-house development and integration to our clients. It also meant significant growth of our applications development team, including many new roles we’ll continue to hire into 2020.

New Additions to the Leadership Team

In addition to approximately 100 new team members joining Resultant, our leadership grew with the following key hires:

  • In August, we welcomed Director of Talent, Louanna Kachur, to lead us through our high-growth phase in the areas of talent acquisition and employee engagement.
  • Michael Schwarz joined the team in October as our Director of Data Analytics. He leads our team of advanced data scientists and oversees all client data projects.
  • In November, Emily Schilling joined our leadership team as the Director of Finance, bringing with her deep experience leading finance teams of growing technology organizations.
  • This December, we welcomed Mike Vance to the team as our VP of Technology Services. He oversees all of Resultant’s client technology services, including IT consulting and management, strategy and implementation, and cybersecurity.

Launch of You. AMPLIFIED.

Tasked with the challenge of welcoming dozens of new members to our team, Resultant launched our official employer brand, You. AMPLIFIED. This initiative to energize our new employee experience was developed through Design Thinking—Resultant’s go-to problem-solving method. By journey mapping each step of a candidate’s experience, we were able to create communications to help people feel more comfortable during every stage of the hiring process and into onboarding. Overall, You. AMPLIFIED. provides meaningful insight into our company, helping us to share our culture and grow in a way that finds the best-fit talent to serve our clients.

Supporting More Communities through our Mission

The year also presented us with even more opportunities to serve our neighbors, both through client work and community service initiatives. Highlights include:

  • Working with Indy Achieves to boost enrollment in Indiana’s 21st Century Scholarship Program, a no-cost college promise, among eligible Marion County students.
  • Welcoming Brave Camp for the second year, opening doors to young women from Indianapolis-area high schools for a week-long exploration of coding and tech careers, problem-solving, and empathy.
  • Helping to bring the Healthy Mom + Baby Datapalooza to fruition, a competition for professionals and students to present data-analysis-based solutions to Indiana’s high infant mortality rate.
  • Supporting Wheeler Missions through sponsorship of the annual Drumstick Dash and participation in the first-ever Indy Tech Circle of Caring along Zylo, Sigstr, and Sky Outfitters.
  • Giving back to Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana through our Community Day event, where Resultant employees helped sort almost 30,000 pounds of food for distribution to Hoosiers in need.

Creation of Effective Workspaces

Our partnership with DORIS Research contributed to our continued efforts to create effective workspaces that fit our needs and culture. Their research helped us learn more about how our team interacts with our office spaces. These empathy-driven insights and thoughtful considerations will play a role as we consider how we’ll grow and work in the future.

We look forward to sharing what’s in store for 2020, including exciting projects (such as work with the city of Indianapolis) and new, passionate team members eager to serve our clients and community. Here’s to a wonderful New Year!

Want to be a part of our 2020? We’re seeking smart, dedicated problem-solvers to join our teams in data, IT, application development, project management, consulting, and more. See our open positions here.



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