Nate Ridgway

Nate Ridgway

Sr. Associate Consultant, Education Services

Nate Ridgway is a tech-loving history and special education teacher from Indianapolis, Indiana and author of two books on teaching: Don’t Ditch That Tech: Differentiation in a Digital World, and Breaking the Blockbuster Model: Using Edtech and Accessibility to “See What’s Next” in Classrooms. Nate has worked with schools across the United States to develop effective, evidence-based RTI/MTSS practices and systems and to create teacher and school-level professional development programs.

Nate’s consulting responsibilities focus on working with the Indiana Department of Education to modernize to the Ed-Fi data standard and designing accessible, transparent documentation and training.

Nate is most passionate in his work where education, technology, and accessibility intersect. He was the Indiana Connected Educator of the Year in 2020 and his work has been featured in such publications as the New York Times and Washington Post. He holds a Master’s Degree in History from the University of Indianapolis.

Outside of work, Nate enjoys spending time with his family, playing soccer, and training for and competing in triathlons.

Yeah, we said triathlons. Go, Nate!

Quick Facts

  • University of Indianapolis, Master of Arts, History
  • 2020 Indiana Connected Educator of the Year
  • Author, Don’t Ditch That Tech: Differentiation in a Digital World
  • Author, Breaking the Blockbuster Model: Using Edtech and Accessibility to “See What’s Next” in Classrooms

Favorite Resultant Value

  • Purposeful Empathy