Meet Our People: Gary Martin

Technical Delivery Manager Gary Martin manages a small but mighty team of five and has a strong leadership philosophy:

I’m a listen-first kind of person. I don’t really dive in right away. I like to let people just talk about their problems, take notes, and look to the information that I get from them and then respond with a real, tangible response. I don’t tend to jump in. I don’t like to get into a conversation that I haven’t had time to think about.

Gary’s thoughtfulness when it comes to his managerial style comes from years of mentorship in the consulting field. Gary began his career at a data and accounting consultancy, and while he enjoyed client work, he sought a more hands-on experience.

It’s that empathy thing, right? We figure out clients, what they’re really looking for, not just what’s written on paper. And we execute to completion and you get to see the outcomes. I’m not just a component of the project, I’m not just creating one piece of a project. We’re controlling it end to end.

Gary works on a team that oversees many of Resultant’s government clients, and he appreciates the “soft spot” the organization has for non-profits. He salutes the diverse backgrounds of his teammates and Resultant as a whole. His favorite thing about being a Rezzer is being part of a company full of hard-working problem-solvers.

To see everyone come together in such a way that drives creative outcomes for our clients is really exciting. We’re bettering the people and the places that we’re working for by combining these different groups of people that have really unique or diverse sets of skills.

Collaboration of diverse minds as well as problem-solving are two of Gary’s big motivators in his daily work. He values the ability to participate in each step of the delivery process for a client.

I like being able to think through the problem at hand and develop a solution that’s deployable as opposed to just being part of a solution or continuing to work through some of the ongoing issues that occur with those larger engagements.

When asked about his best piece of advice, Gary exhibits his empathetic approach to project management and problem-solving:

You need to be careful about overwhelming a room of people with one voice. Especially in a digital world, it’s hard for some people to pipe up in conversation since only one person can really be talking at a time. Enabling individuals to have a voice or have a place in a conversation to speak their mind has been invaluable in the past couple years. In practice, that’s really just saying ‘Hey, Jim, do you have a thought here?’ and leading the conversation to other people so that they can voice their opinion or thoughts.

Currently, Gary and his team are working with Family and Social Services Administration to collect information about their pandemic program impact.

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